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Understanding Peter Obi the more

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Fact-checks have shown that the hereunder were feats achieved by Mr Peter Obi during his period as Governor of Anambra State.
Peter Obi,…Best in Road Infrastructure…Ministry of Works, Abuja.
Best in Education, Anambra was number 1 in Nigeria during his term….Ministry of Education, Abuja.
Best in Security,… IG of police. Abuja.
Best in MDG,…Bill Gate Foundations with $1m prize
Best In Poverty Reduction & Human Development…Office of the MDG, Abuja.
Least indebted state Nationwide…..Debt Management Office, Abuja.
The FIRST & ONLY Governor who left billions of Naira (#75bn) for his successor. (Yar’adua left #5bn)
The only Ex-Governor who is not taking pension or gratuity from the state he served for 8yrs. The average Ex-Governor takes #700m monthly. Tinubu takes #1.4bn monthly.
The only Governor in Nigerian History who signed thousands of C of Os but does not own one single plot of land in the state.
The only Ex Governor in Nigeria except Late Yar’adua who has no single case with EFCC in the history of Nigeria.
The only public officer in the History of Nigeria to challenge EFCC publicly to find where a single penny of his state is missing for 8yrs he served as Governor.
The only Governor so far in the history of Nigeria with the longest length of road constructed in his tenure. Over 800km of roads. Google it.
The first and only Governor in Nigeria who was impeached because he refused to allow thr State Assembly share state money and first to get his mandate back from the Courts.
The FIRST & ONLY Governor who did not waste State money to operate the office of the First Lady.
The FIRST & ONLY Governor who did not have ONE SINGLE family member in his government or discharge even a single government contract.
So much history of Transparency & Competence that stands Peter Obi miles apart from the ordinary Nigerian Politician.

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