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Konga Health powers Akiva™ launch with partnership in Nigeria

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In a move set to redefine the way Nigerians combat insect-borne diseases, Konga Health has partnered with LivFul, an international manufacturer, in the launch of its Akiva™ Anit-Mosquito Lotion brand.

The much-anticipated partnership event, held on Saturday, October 14, 2023, marked a historic milestone in Nigeria’s healthcare solutions sector.

LivFul’s product offers a unique approach to health and wellness, A daily application that ensures users can enjoy their day without worrying about insect bites. Akiva’s cutting-edge technology, STAYTEC™, means that it lasts for 14 hours, is safe for everyone from 2 months old, while being gentle on the skin. STAYTEC™ technology is designed to limit the absorption of the active ingredient into the skin and means that the repellent lasts for longer than other topical repellent lotions. This addresses a critical need in the market – a long-lasting repellent that can be safely applied daily as part of healthy routine. Konga Health’s extensive distribution network and commitment to quality healthcare make it the ideal partner to LivFul for Akiva’s entry into the Nigerian market.

Speaking at the formal launch, the managing director of Konga Health, Mr. Festus, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration. “We are truly excited about partnering with LivFul to bring their cutting-edge products to the Nigerian market. Konga Health has always been committed to offering top-quality healthcare solutions to our customers, and this partnership reaffirms our dedication. LivFul’s unique repellent technology, designed to limit active ingredient absorption into the skin, aligns perfectly with our mission to provide effective and skin-friendly healthcare solutions to Nigerians. We believe this collaboration will greatly enhance the well-being of our customers, enabling them to enjoy their lives without the constant worry of insect bites and the diseases they carry,” he said.

Hogan Bassey, Co-founder and Co-CEO of LivFul Inc., says, “This partnership in Nigeria is just the beginning of bringing healthcare solutions to the country. We’re excited that our vision and mission at LivFul have aligned with Konga Group to create availability of Akiva™ for Nigerians.”

This partnership goes beyond business; it signifies a shared vision of enhancing the quality of life for Nigerians. As the collaboration between LivFul and Konga Health takes flight, it promises to create a safer, healthier environment for individuals and families across Nigeria. Together, they are introducing products and a lifestyle where people can enjoy the outdoors, have a good night’s rest, be more productive and thrive without the constant worry of insect-related diseases.

This collaboration between LivFul and Konga Health is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to improving lives. As this revolutionary repellent finds its way into Nigerian households, it brings with it the promise of a brighter, insect-bite-free future for Nigerians.

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