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Stylist Piazza to revolutionize Nigeria’s Beauty Industry with High Profit Margin—Founder

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Budding industrialist, Engr. Chima Obiaka, Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Stylist Piazza  (, a platform offering professional online services to service providers in the Beauty industry, has said that the brand is on a mission to make players in the beauty industry be more productive and increase their profit margins.

Chima, a 2022 graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering of the Abia State University, Uturu, told journalists at an event announcing the inauguration of the startup that Stylist Piazza aims to promote a sustainable, inclusive, and sustained growth in beauty servicing by professionals in the beauty industry.

“At Stylist Piazza, we believe that you can look beautiful effortlessly and at your convenience. This drives us and keeps us going as we are absolutely committed to ensuring our customers have access to the best hair stylists in Lagos and its environs. And this at minimal cost and absolute convenience.

“We want to be the app our customers think of, for any freelancing job as a skilled beauty service professional. They worry about providing the service, while we worry about regulating the service and moderating the way payment for service is being passed.

“The app is for professionals offering Makeup services, Hairstyling, and barbering services, and nail technicians. All they need to do is create their profile, post their work in the profile category, and write an elevator pitch on their service offerings on their Bio.

“After that, professionals are expected to update their services and home service price propositions and verify their profile with the required KYC information. They can now start accessing a network pool of value-oriented clients,” Chima said.

The budding techpreneur said that Stylist Piazza draws its inspiration from international companies like Style Seat, Booksy and Bolt, helping the girl and boy child find a career in self-employment, with a skill in beauty servicing so they can build on it and grow their reputation.

On what inspired the birth of Stylist Piazza, Chima said that going by the survey his team conducted on the Lagos beauty market, they discovered that professionals who are skilled in beauty services need a beauty app that is for everything beauty and not just a social app like Instagram which is the traditional way they access their customers.

“We discovered through the survey that what players in the beauty market in Lagos need, is an app that solves price disputes in the market and can be a professional career tool that would allow them be more productive in their skill.

“We also discovered that beauty service professionals want access to a network pool of Value-oriented clients while business owners, Nigerians in Diaspora, and Bridal clients want a platform they can trust to access on-demand beauty service experts at their convenience,” he said.

Chima disclosed that as a brand, Stylist Piazza is guided by its values of integrity, innovation and professionalism and would at this stage, want to position itself as the brand every player in the beauty industry would always look up to for maximization of profits because it sees the beauty professionals as its early value chain partners.

“Integrity is important to the company and its employees, as we strive to be honest and do what is right in all dealings. Innovation is also highly valued, as the company is dedicated to finding new and better ways to improve its services and products.

“For us, professionalism is essential to the company’s success, as we take pride in delivering high-quality work and services, committing to continuous improvement and growth. These core values are important to Stylist Piazza brand and help guide our actions and decisions,” Chima said.

He stated that Stylist Piazza has come to contribute its quota to making life a lot easier by creating a seamless and stress-free gateway for beauty service styling, bringing along with it, style and convenience and committed to efficient service delivery.

On what distinguishes the product from others, Chima said that as developers and promoters of the unique app, Stylist Piazza properly understands the needs of their market and partners, adding that this understanding enables them to offer tailored solutions that would yield the much-desired results.

“We have a local competitor, and although we offer some similar services, we differentiate ourselves by providing consultancy, value coaching services, and partnering with beauty schools to create an environment for learning professional services in the beauty space, and acting as Human Resources intermediary, moderating pricing and payment between both service providers and consumers,” Chima said.

He believes that the objective behind the launch of the product has a correlation with the overall mission and brand values of Stylist Piazza because according to him, “with our product, we are making life easy, generating wealth for the unemployed, and socially impacting the world.

“In addition, we provide our target market with a set price technology visible for a service price quotation for their bookings, tailored skilled beauty service experts to provide solutions for their beauty needs, and excellent customer service.”

Chima urged players in the beauty industry to take advantage of the Stylist Piazza app to meet and connect with other beauty enthusiasts, get inspired by their work, and book for service offering at their convenience.

“Our desire is to ensure that our product is not only beneficial to our clients, but also to our end-users by helping them live in the beauty they desire as well as build and solidify their business relationships with others,” Chima concluded.

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