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Usman, NPA boss sues publisher over defamation of character, seeks N1bn damages

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As individuals, we are complicit if we sit, watch and allow any form of degeneracy that rewards blackmailers, extortionists, character assassins, fake news entrepreneurs and other various turpitudes of the modern society to gain unchecked foothold over our lives and derail our democracy.

On 22nd March, 2017 an online media platform published a false malicious defamatory publication against my person captioned

“How El-Rufai and Hadiza Usman bribed APC Chieftains with $25,000 each to make him Vice President”.

The story is false and a total fabrication geared towards tarnishing my hard earned reputation.  I have today filed a suit at Federal High Court Abuja seeking for justice against these perpetrators of falsehood.

The new media and the digital space has brought prosperity to humanity. It also brought along with it unhinged speed in the dissemination of lies and grief. While I believe that the new media has inherent capacity to fact check and unmask fallacies peddled by unconscionable people, it does not have the capacity to undo the damages and hurt inflicted on victims. Only the Judiciary can mitigate and right that through its judgements, when approached by helpless victims. Justice is what I seek through my action in court today.

I have overlooked many spurious claims against my person in the media in the past. I have been diligent and circumspect in my public life dealings. I have laboured to show integrity, transparency and accountability in all my ventures. I will not do differently in my present position as Managing Director of the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA).  And, I will not bow to blackmail either.

The Media must be discouraged from running banner headlines with unverifiable information

I stand here today as a victim of this unconscionable practice. Victims must no longer keep quiet. Let us redefine our values and take our society back from these charlatans.


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