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Rising open defecation on Lagos highways may force Sanwo-Olu to ban Okada

There are strong indications that the incoming government of Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu may take a sweeping decision against use of commercial motorcycle, known as ‘Okada’ in the metropolis as soon as his government is inaugurated within weeks.
A source close to the camp of the Governor-Elect confided in Business Hilights on Wednesday that “Lagos highways are fast becoming public toilets as dots of human faeces litter every gutter, walkways and in-between multi-lane highways both those under construction and those that are already delivered.
“If you drive along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway currently under construction, you will pity Nigerians using the road because the level of offensive stench coming from the grassy parts of the highway will put you even while in your car. It has become unbearable and this incoming government will not tolerate it.
“Yes, a study has fingered Okada riders based on the fact that many of them do not leave in a decent apartment and therefore can answer the call of nature anywhere but to the detriment of everybody.

Besides, further findings by Business Hilights reveal that another growing segment of the Lagos population contributing to the rising open defecation especially on the highways is the team of tanker and trailer drivers and their conductors who seem to have converted their articulated vehicles to their residential abode while using the highways, gutters, walkways and nearby bushes as toilets.
Recall that Nigeria recently ranked third amongst nations of the world where open defecation still hold sway, thus prompting the Minister of Water Resources to call on the Federal Government to declare state of emergency on open defection.