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International Raelian Movement Seeks UN Action on World Happiness Day

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Today, March 20, is marked globally as World Happiness Day.

Accordingly, the International Raelian Movement (IRM) urges the United Nations to take decisive measures address rising suicide rates and global conflicts, alleviate psychological distress, and foster worldwide harmony.

Kotaro Murakawa, spokesperson for the IRM and coordinator of Raelian initiatives for World Happiness Day, underscores the severity of the situation. “We are facing a global emergency characterized by increasing psychological distress, particularly among the youth,” Murakawa stated. “Every year, approximately 800,000 people take their own lives, with 46,000 being teenagers—more than one every 11 minutes. This is an unacceptable tragedy.”

The IRM emphasizes the inadequacy of mere rhetoric and token gestures. Concrete action from the international community is imperative to empower individuals to transcend daily struggles and rediscover the joy of life amidst pervasive anxiety-inducing narratives.

“We urge the United Nations to mandate each member state to nominate dedicated Ministers of Happiness,” declared Murakawa, emphasizing the stark contrast between Ministers of Loneliness, chosen by some nations, and the ambitious inspiration of a Minister of Happiness.

“Unlike a Cabinet of Loneliness, a Cabinet of Happiness embodies a more inspiring vision, empowering individuals to pursue well-being regardless of circumstances. By providing policies and fostering belief in human happiness, it becomes essential to stem the loss of human lives and rectify the shortcomings of modern civilization.”

Beyond its value, happiness emerges as a potent deterrent to global violence, according to the IRM. In a world threatened by escalating conflicts, happiness and unconditional love offer hope for humanity’s future.

The IRM offers multiple Happiness Academies on every continent, every year. Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the IRM, who led the last Happiness Academy in Japan a few months ago, underscores the critical role of happiness in preventing self-destruction. “Happiness is the foundation of love—the force that can avert our demise,” Rael explains. “Unhappiness breeds aggression and violence, perpetuating a vicious cycle of suffering. It is imperative to spread happiness as a moral imperative and the most effective strategy for lasting peace.”

Contrary to notions of selfishness, Rael emphasizes that promoting happiness is essential to alleviating global suffering. “To break the cycle of violence, we must prioritize the cultivation and dissemination of happiness,” he declares.

As World Happiness Day approaches, the IRM calls upon leaders and citizens worldwide to prioritize happiness as a fundamental human right and a pathway to global harmony.

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