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How Stephen Alajemba aka Uwaezuoke rose to stardom

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Stephen Alajemba a.k.a Ụwaezuoke or Nwaude Nwakpụda is a popular comic actor who focused mainly on Igbo films and pidgin.

He was born on 18th July 1957. He is 65 years old now.

Due to his stubbiness,he went for apprenticeship for three people and it never worked out.

Stephen went to Akure and pushed wheelbarrow. He rode ọkada. He did many jobs.

Then return to Ọnịcha again.

He worked at motor parks in Ọnịcha. He was popular at Ọnịcha Head Bridge as everyone must laugh when he talk. He made drivers, passengers or everyone at the Head Bridge happy.

One day, a man he often changed his dress in his shop said to him:

“You have a unique talent. It cannot go in vain.”

He took him to a man called Mike Orihedịmma who was into movies. Where Mike was shooting in Ọnịcha, many rejected Alajemba.

But he was to compete with Okwuanyịọnụ of Ọzụbulu. They were auditioned, acting lived in Ụwaezuoke. He was chosen. That was how fortune shone on him.

He started acting professionally in 1987.

From barrow pusher, ọkada rider, onye buru buru in the Head Bridge to an actor.

It was his first film with Mike Orihedịmma that landed him the title Ụwaezuoke.

Some of the movies he acted include:

  1. Akịdị
  2. Ukwu nnu
  3. Ihe Onye Metere
  4. Isi Kote Ebu
  5. Nna na Nwa
  6. Ụwaezuoke in Togo
  7. Akọnauche
  8. Ọkụkọ Igbo
  9. Nurse Eliza
  10. Ọkọchi, etc.

His face alone is laughter.

History of Ụwaezuoke shows that uniqueness and talent is what pave ways to a man.

Mike Orihedmma The First Man To Start Igbo Movies In The Whole World.

His Real Name Is Solomon Eze. Popularly Known As Mike Orihedmma.

Popular Nollywood Stars Such As John OkafMr Ibu, Ngzi Ezen, Stephen Alajemba (waezuoke) .


Stephen Alajemba A.k.a Waezuoke Or Nwaude Nwakpda Is A Popular Comic Actor Who Focused Mainly On Igbo Films And Pidgin.

He Was Born On 18th July 1957

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