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Cyberattacks on Schools worse as education deepens in techs—Google Partner, Itopia

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Fresh research by Google partner, itopia, has averred that Cyberattacks on schools will continue to get worse, and unfortunately the majority of students now rely on technology for their education. With the explosion of EdTech to meet improved learning needs, it’s vital now more than ever to protect students.

Students rely on technology for homework and in the classroom. Teachers and students seeing improved learning outcomes are pushing for greater integration of EdTech, one of the many reasons hackers have turned their attention to targeting schools. In 2021, nearly a million students were impacted by 67 ransomware attacks against schools. And, in the last year, 1 in 4 schools were victims of cyberattacks.

Recent Google Partner, itopia, is the perfect example of an EdTech company doing it right. itopia is working to protect student data while offering new learning solutions to students and teachers. CEO of itopia, Jonathan Liberman, is available to comment on how itopia is bridging the digital divide and making learning accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Their success is also shown by the many school districts whom they’ve contracted with who are in desperate need to provide students with more learning options while offering solid protection from hacks and data leaks. Jonathan can speak about how we can do that, as well as:

The growing amount of data held in schools’ systems, and why hackers increasingly target it.

How EdTech improves learning outcomes, and how to ensure EdTech’s growth can help our students while keeping them safe.

The importance of increasing tech-accessibility while still protecting student data – and how some EdTechs are getting it right.

The increasing role EdTech plays in student learning, and how that role will only continue to grow.

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