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This is not the Soyinka I grew up knowing

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By Eze Onyekpere

Whose interest is Wole Soyinka protecting? The bare knuckles have been shown on two occasions. Now, he arrogates to himself the God head of knowing all the facts as to who won or who did not win the election.

In the first instance, he came down heavily on Labour Party (LP) and its vice presidential candidate for what according to him is undermining the judiciary. This was after the elections and the criticisms that followed.

He went to bed thereafter and reappeared after the judgement which was based on abstruse technicalities and deliberate obfuscation of the law, to affirm that Peter Obi lost the election. He also stated that Labour party became a regional and tribal party.

And he wants Nigerians who desire change from the decadent status quo which he now represents to clap for him.

His well publicised benefitting from Tinubu’s goodwill has become the basis of his vituperations against those who represent the moral conscience of Nigeria. No, Soyinka, your good days are gone and you now support what you criticised some years ago. At this age, you need to respect the name and great credentials you made while young.

Your concept of truth cannot be one that aligns with a man with no known classmates, forfeited money from drugs and whose university cannot be bold to assert they issued his certificate. This is not the Soyinka I grew up knowing.

This is another Soyinka that Nigerians are just beginning to know. Unfortunately, Nigerians are not interested in this revised version of Soyinka.


*Onyekpere, a social commentator on issues of national importance, wrote in from Lagos

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