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Quality Service Delivery: The Ibom Air Example…

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By Fred Chukwuelobe

I have consistently criticised our nation’s inefficiency and I am also an incurable pessimist when it comes to our government’s ability to effectively run businesses.

But I have decided to pause, albeit temporarily, and give some sort of second chance to my pessimism because of the successes of Ibom Airlines owned and managed by the government of Akwa Ibom State.

I have used Ibom Air services many times over the past two years and I can confidently attest to the efficiency and promptness of its services.

The flights are constantly on time both for arrivals and for departures. The pilots and other crew members are very professional and courteous.

Although many argue that their efficiency is as a result of the small aircraft they currently use, which as the argument goes, are easier to board and for passengers to disembark.

But I have also been told that, apart from the ERJ planes which capacity is about 50, they equally have one or two bigger planes in the like of Boeing 737.

I have not used any of the bigger planes and so I’d limit my assessment to the ERJ145 I have used.

However, I’m beginning to change my mind on my pessimism and argue that, indeed, a visionary leadership is all that is required to make the much needed difference.

I understand governor Emmanuel Udom gave the management the free hand to run the airline with strict instructions to run it efficiently and timely too.

He is said to have seriously warned that any staff who causes flight delays and makes the airline lose money will be shown the door.

So, Ibom Air is the toast of the flying public and is currently doing very well. How far they will go will be determined when gov. Udom leaves office and another helmsman comes in his stead.

For now, Ibom Air is proving naysayers like me wrong.

*Chukwuelobe, a veteran Journalist, wrote in from Lagos

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