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Global cybersecurity industry faces a workforce gap of 3.12 million

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More than half of the world’s population is connected to the internet. Countless new companies pop up every day that use the power of the web to sell their goods and services.

In response, cybercrime is also at an all-time high, bringing the need for cybersecurity professionals. Unfortunately, the supply of skilled workers did not keep up with the demand.

The Atlas VPN team found that the global cybersecurity workforce gap hit 3.12 million in 2020.

Rachel Welch, COO of Atlas VPN, shares her thoughts on the gap in the cybersecurity workforce:

“The data reveals that it is necessary to incentivize people to take up cybersecurity as their career. Without sufficient security coverage, organizations run the risk of falling victim to cybercrime.” 

The number of vacancies in internet security varies widely by region. in internet security varies widely by region. Over 2.04 million job offers are available in the Asia-Pacific region, representing 66% of the total workforce shortage.

The biggest shortage is in the US

Let’s dissect the problem in more detail by analyzing which countries struggle most with information security vacancies.

Even though the biggest workforce gap is in the Asia-Pacific region, most job vacancies are in none other than the US, with more than 359,000 jobs available. Not only that, but the US employs most cybersecurity professionals in this list, at 879,157.

On the other side of the Rio Grande river, there is a need for 196,594 internet security professionals. Mexico also employs a significant number of online security experts, having 421,750 workers.

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