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BBA Ozo Chief John Ezeako Best

Let other markets emulate BBA in sharing palliatives to their members—Chief Ezeako

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Current Treasurer of Balogun Business Association (BBA), Lagos International Trade Fair complex, Chief John Ezeako has called on other major business groups in Lagos Trade Fair complex and beyond to learn from the administration in BBA in sharing relief materials to their members.

He spoke to Business Hilights Media group during the sharing of relief materials’at the BBA main gate on Sunday, Apirl 26, 2020.



There is lockdown in Lagos and this is inside BBA, can you tell us what is happening today?

Actually, since the beginning of the lockdown this is my very first time and so many other people except our security personnel that are usually here as night guards to take care of the complex. Why you saw few people around rather than the security is because of the palliative or relief materials we the executives got to give the less privileged that have been finding it difficult. That is why you saw them here. In the next 30 minutes you will see nobody here except our security men.

What was the consideration of the Exco in coming up with palliative for members?

The consideration is as a result of the fact that all hands are not equal, we know that many of our members live from their day to day activities, they feed from what they got on a daily basis. So haven seen the lockdown, and looked at all these, we now deem it fit to look for a way to give them this palliative for sustainability.

What is your advice to members who have come to receive these relief materials?

My advice just as I was telling them here, if you have taken yours, go back to your house, don’t stop anywhere, wash your hands and follow the directive given by the government then you go to your house and isolate yourself with your family. So that you don’t go out and contact what was not destined for you.

Finally, what is your advice, with your experience of what BBA executive have done today to their members, what is your advice to other market executives in Lagos?

I advise other market executive to emulate what the people of Balogun Business Association have displayed today. They should equally do such to their members.

Your advice to the government?

Government is doing well; my advice to them is to do everything humanly possible to get us protection to enforce without compromise this very thing so that we can be free from this dangerous pandemic.

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