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Kano Keke seating controversy

Kano: Travelled traders’ still divided on suspension of ban on mixed use of tricycle

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The recent suspension of proposed banning of male and female seating on the same tricycle in Kano though was greeted with jubilation in the on the eve of new year, Kano based businessmen and women, who had travelled for yuletide in parts of South East are still undecided in returning back. According to many of them that spoke to Business Hilights South East Bureau Chief, such laws are inimical to ease of doing business and undue phsychological distance amongst family members and friends.

Recall that the Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje had last week announced the plan through Commander General of Hisba Board (Sharia enforcement Police), Harun Ibn-Sina at a function held at Bayero University Kano that effective January 1, 2020, men and women shall no longer seat together in a Tricycle.

However, a viral picture of the Governor seating with a woman inside an aircraft punctured the law and raised issue of oppression of the common citizens who cannot afford air ticket where they can seat side by side with opposite sex like the Governor in the photo.

Besides, the ill-feeling generated by the intended law further shocked collective intelligence of businessmen and women who normally go and return from markets in Kano in public Tricycles’.

But at the height of public outcries and general rejection, the Kano state Government suspended the implementation of the proposed ban.

Additional details revealed that pressure from within and outside the state forced the Governor to cancel the implementation of the law from new year.

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