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IGP Adamu

Exposed: Robbers, car snatchers latest mode of operation on highway

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In the last few weeks, there had been rising cases of accident-tailored robbery scenes that remain very hard to comprehend until it is over.

A victim, who sent in the report to Business Hilights Media Group gave a graphic details on how car snatchers now disguise to do away with any choice car they target on highway.

The victims report is hereunder, unedited.

“I personally had this experience yesterday so; I’m sharing it here for security purpose.

“On my way home from work yesterday, I was in traffic around Mr. Biggs at Ogba to Pen cinema axis (odo eran bus stop) when a car with three occupants, two males and a female drove by and alighted from their car.

“One of them stood in front of my car while the other tried to forcefully open the door. They kept shouting and accusing me of breaking their side mirror to which I was amazed because I knew I didn’t break anything but they kept shouting and asking that I get down to see the damaged mirror.

“I refused to come down from my car. Suddenly, they bashed my car behind with their car while they kept shouting that I should get down. Luckily, I was calm and at this point the traffic eased but as I try to move, one of them broke my door window on the passenger side and tried to forcefully open the door.

At this point, I realized that they were robbers, so I speed off while they chased but I drove straight to the police station and reported the incidence.

“To my surprise, the police said that this style of car theft is very rampant now. That they always create an accident scene so as to get you out of your car or they get into your car then show their guns.

According to Police, “By this stage-managed scenario, they would have deceived passerby with the show of an accident scene. We need to be more careful please.”

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