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S’Africa skips Nigeria, adds Ghana, others on Visa-free entry list

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…As citizens query ministry’s action on twitter

Few days after the South African Department of Home Affair,s announced it has added new nations to the list of countries that can enter South Africa visa-free, nationals have started reacting to the move with condemnation.
It was not clear why Nigeria was excluded even though latest report after the sudden unnatural death of Deputy Director General of CIIN in South Africa last week, late Mrs Ndubuisi, statistics showed that well over 127 Nigerians have been killed in the country in xenophobic attacks and others.
Recall that the Minister of Home Affairs, Aaron Motsoaledi, had announced that seven new countries will be added to the list of nations that are able to come to South Africa without a visa including Ghana, Cuba, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Sao Tome and Principe
The Minister said “Out of the 193 countries who are member states of the United Nations, the Department has granted visa-free status to 75 countries. Of these 16 are in our continent and are SADC members and 59 are from all over the world.”
However, while Motsoaledi argued that the move will deepen access to cheap labour and that “Tourism will soar if we relax visa requirements for entry into South Africa,” majority of South African nationals are not in tune with the visa-free grants.
Replying via his verified Twitter handle, @butterfly_Anele, he said “It is a one way process at times, trust me, in the same way western countries don’t need a visa to come to SA but we need a visas to go there. Its all about the status of a country, its economy, value of passport, quality of life etc etc.”
Also, Matt Aberdein, @MattAbbo, said “Like how Australians can easily visit the UK but we require a TB chest scan plus proof of who is hosting us oh, and a bunch of cash for the visa.”
In a shocking tweet that suggest xenophobia, @thatpoitshepi, replied to @HomeAffairsSA @travel24 @Tourism_gov_za, saying “Anything but Nigeria Please.”
But another national, Atandiwe, @Oagile_Atha, replied @thatpoitshepi, saying “Why not? would really love to go there but their Visa is expensive.”
Responding, Goolam, @goolammv, queried while replying to @HomeAffairsSA @travel24 @Tourism_gov_za, saying “Can @HomeAffairsSA admin please respond to the various questions. It’s so annoying that a government institution sends out a tweet but never responds. You should learn from the Gauteng education department how to interact with people.”
In his response, Sporo Lukhele, @LukheleSporo, said “You messed up the country and now bend every rule to try and undo the mess, you dishing out visas like they’re going out of fashion to countries that already have multitudes of their citizens in SA, ILLEGALLY, what nonsense is this?
Continuing, Lukhele added “I’ve heard this crap before, undocumented ppl and tourists are two different things, SA is littered with undocumented people not ‘tourists’.
In another xenophobic response, Tar Mavestar, @mavestarcebisa5, said “Imagine Nigerians flocking here! Yhu ha.a.”
Replying @Tebogozo, he said “Visa free means they can come in and out as they please. We both know that most are gonna come and settle and we can’t afford that..”
However, a Ghanaian, Owusu Mensah Agyei, @Agyaba99, replied and opened up issues saying “My Brother, you are a true son of Africa. Ghana in 2016 implemented visa free entry for all African Nationals; so no African needs originating visa to enter South Africa. You get visa on arrival. All Africa countries must learn from Ghana to help move the continent forward.”
Also, in another xenophobic reaction, Simphiwe, @BongeloSimphiwe, said “Thanks God!! Nigeria isn’t part of those countries”.
But in a quick reaction to the xenophobic remark, Dutcherella, @dutcherella, twitted saying “I guess I’ve just learnt that if they don’t want us (Nigerians) because of their preconceived ideas and the behaviours of others we can’t force them. C’est la vie. Chin up, move on and find better options. There is always better out there. Lol, This sounds like relationship advice.”
Replying, Wako M. Joel, a Ugandan, @WakoJoel, told @HomeAffairsSA @travel24 @Tourism_gov_za, that “You still continue to eliminate #Uganda that harboured ANC fighters from those countries that should not apply for VISA to your country. A #Ugandan who applies for a VISA to your country, the conditions are much harsher than that of going to the sun.”
Kwanele, @UthuliLwezichwe, said “Absolutely nonsense !! ANC must be overthrown as a government !! This is treason !!,” noting further “Thus how illegals come! They come first legitimate then overstay .. We need merit based immigration .. Only critical skills , verify @ the embassy before they come! Also We need to empower locals to go study for those skills too ! Not people pouring in with no visas!”

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