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NASS Saraki

Rev. Fr Ngoka, Veteran Journalist, relive Saraki’s 8th Senate

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From Rev Father Michael Ngoka: “You are not perfect. And nobody is. You made mistakes. And everyone does. But I can stake my reputation to defend that you deepened our democracy as senate president.

“Despite the hostile environment in which you served, you managed to hold the 8th senate together and kept the executive on its toes.

“Regardless of what your detractors may say about you, I believe that history will be kind to you. Posterity will see you as a defender of due process, rule of law, patriotism, separation of powers and democracy.

Ngoka Mic
Rev Fr Michael Ngoka

“You may have lost all your political powers and you are being mocked by your political enemies, know that you have rather gained it all: you are walking away with honour, integrity and good name.

“Thank you Dr Bukola Saraki for your patriotic services to the nation. As from today, I regard you as my friend. A friend like no other.

“ I love you! #MichaelNgoka

nass complex
National Assembly Complex, Abuja

From Veteran Journalist Kanayo Esinulo: “This is a merited Testimonial from one of our respected Men of God, a Catholic priest of immense patriotism and humanity.

“When he talks or writes, his views and position are representative of popular political position in Nigeria.

“He is regularly in touch with the popular masses and the intellectual fraction of our unhappy land.

Esinulo K
Veteran Journalist Kanayo Esinulo

“Senator Bukola Saraki did very well as a Senate President in helping to sustain our fragile democracy and checkmate the excesses of a veritable apartheid regime.

“Thank you ever so much, Fr. Michael Ngoka for calling our attention to the dedication of Saraki and the sacrifices he made in the past four tortuous years that he served us in that capacity.

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