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How lack of ‘promised Change’ is forcing me out of Facebook discuss

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By Fred Chukwuelobe

Folks, especially those who read my posts, I have decided to reduce my presence on Facebook with effect from today, November 9, 2018.

I’m not doing it out of fear or any threats. I’m not doing it out of lack of what to write and post. Indeed, there are many topics to discuss.

Our leaders give us so many worries that looking for what to write on is as easy as ABC.

For instance, after telling us they feed each prisoner with N14,000 daily, they just told us they feed a VIP with N3.5m monthly. Yes, a Very Important Prisoner.

Now, what do you expect me to write on such? What do you want me to say to a government that prides itself on “integrity”?

What about the N360 billion dividends from Nigerian Liquidified Natural Gas (NLNG), which we are told, is being used to service petroleum subsidy? I thought we were told there was no subsidy?

Every day as I drive to work, I see a country going nowhere. I see a lawless society. I see people driving as they please, stopping as they wish, defecating in the open as they’re pressed, fighting, cursing, lying, cheating and violating people as it pleases them. And on Friday and Sunday, we troop to Mosques and Churches to worship Allah or God. Which God, I dare ask?

Worst is that there’s no action plan to change this rather unfortunate state of affairs. A meager N30,000 we can’t pay our famished workers. And we expect productivity from such hungry lot.

Lagos that I thought had escaped filth and traffic gridlock with what Tinubu and Fashola did, has returned to its worst state: potholes, filth, traffic gridlock, reckless drivers, corrupt traffic and security officials, chaotic city with traffic robbers menacing decent people.

Articulated vehicles and others have taken over our roads, bridges and there’s no one out to check them. So we live with it as if it’s normal.

After looking at all these and many more, examining what I have written that came to pass, mindful of the fact that nobody is interested, I have decided to stop what one of my friends and benefactors called “wasteful criticisms”. Another called it “wasteful activism”. And I think they’re right.

So, folks, this may be the last “wasteful post” I’d make on our beleaguered nation.

I’d rejoice with those rejoicing and mourn with those mourning. As for Nigeria, nothing is going to change. NOTHING!

I give up. It’s of no use. For as long as we are this Nigeria, nothing will change. We can only scratch the surface and use religion to cover our multitude of sins.

The people are so docile and so tribal that once your tribe or ethnic group or person is in charge, whatever it or he does is beyond scrutiny.

Otherwise, how can somebody tell me that with our president’s so-called integrity these things still take place? And he appears helpless or unwilling to do anything. At least, none that we’ve seen.

Nigeria is a cul de sac, I am afraid. And I’m sorry, folks, I’m out.


*Chukwuelobe, a veteran journalist, COO, Pointsize, wrote in from Lagos

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