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My take on Atiku accusers

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By Citizen Innocent Orok
We all forgot that Obasanjo picked Atiku Abubakar in 1999 as his Vice when Atiku was already the governor of Adamawa state.
Atiku worked with Obasanjo for the first 4 years without any accusation of corruption.
Both enter the second term of another 4 years, because Atiku`s popularity and his plan to take over from Obasanjo after his tenure was obvious while Obasanjo was also eyeing 3rd term.
In order to spite Atiku and to frustrate his ambition, Obasanjo started cooking corruption issues on Atiku.

Now the questions are;
1 At what point did Obasanjo discovered that Atiku is corrupt and what did he do?
2 Why didn’t Obasanjo prosecute Atiku with the EFCC & ICPC their regime established?
3 Atiku has so many business interest, including Intels, African American University etc, is it when he was the VP that he established them?
4 Atiku has not been found wanting in any corruption or criminal charge
Above all, he invested his money in Nigeria and employs millions of Nigerians, unlike others who does otherwise.
Finally, I urged all Nigerians to face the two Contending presidential candidates Buhari & Atiku with issues on how they will rule us in the coming four years.
Let us not buy into politicians’ game of name calling, sloganeering without facts, just to attract sympathy to score cheap political points.
Let asked questions, get answers, extract commitments from politicians and not promises.
Let chose a capable administrator, not a self centered or Party or propagandist president in 2019
Let not allow what happened in 2015, where we jump in `Charge` without asking questions befall us again in 2019, less we all perish.

Hear Reuben Abati:

“Atiku is cosmopolitan. He has since leaving office in 2007, opened himself up to ideas, and the modernist world. Significantly, he has not branded himself as a cattle-rearer. He has investments in education, agriculture, maritime and other sectors of the economy. There has been no complaint about his emergence as PDP Presidential candidate from Corporate Nigeria – that wing of Nigerian politics populated by deluded egoists who think money is everything- and that is understandable. Corporate Nigeria knows that its leaders can have a comfortable conversation with Atiku because he has a working and practical knowledge of how the Nigerian economy works. He once headed the country’s Economic Management Team and he superintended over Nigeria’s privatization process. Nobody will have to speak to him in Hausa language to explain the meaning of simple economic terms.”

*Orok, a veteran Journalist, wrote in from Lagos

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