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RentSmallSmall property group begins disruption of housing delivery in Lagos

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New housing solutions providers driven by technology, RentSmallSmall ( property sourcing group has stepped up delivery of tailored shelter supplies to Lagosians that have been under the influence of heavy yearly rental payment arrangement.
The firm, powered by young entrepreneurs is Nigeria’s first ‘On-demand Home Rental Solution’ with flexible payment and rent insurance.
Addressing the media in Lagos on Thursday, the chief executive officer of the group, Mr. Tunde Balogun said “RentSmallSmall is focused on improving rental experience for tenants and reducing vacancy period and rate for landlords”.
He explained that with the services of the company, prospective tenants have no need to worry about paying not only for one year at a go which many times, is very challenging and also, there is nothing like 10 percent agent fee and agreement fee.
On how it works, he explained that “Our services are technology driven and all available and verified rentable apartments are paid on a monthly basis without the pains of paying for landlord and agent fees or upfront payment of one year or more. By our renting policy, after confirming interest in any available property, all you need to pay is one month and our properties for rent are coming with housing insurance”.
“RentSmallSmall is partnering with Axa Mansard Home Insurance scheme and other companies that work together for the good of tenants.
Explaining further, Balogun said “Landlords who are our partners stand to gain a number of seamless advantages over others that insist on collecting from one year upfront”.
He said “Property owners on RentSmallSmall are on steady income throughout the year; tenants are screened and verified by RentSmallSmall ahead of parking; Rent default insurance is covered by Axa Mansard; and our company model and platform give high visibility to property in the market, thereby reducing vacancy period and undue wastage of finished properties.
“Eviction of erring tenants under RentSmallSmall is faster as only one month notice is given as provided by the prevailing rent edit.
On the advantages of RentSmallSmall platform to prospective tenants, Balogun averred that tenants enjoy easy access as the company reduces the amount of time spent searching for the perfect property.
“Tenants can find property and move in within 48 hours or less. Tenants can use our platform to find residential home at close proximity to work place and in the process reduce commuting time and boom in productivity.
“In terms of flexibility, RentSmallSmall is designed for flexible duration and payment which means tenants can stay as they need and pay as they stay.
“On livability, the company ensures homes are livable for tenants throughout their stay by attending to issues in the apartment on time,” balogun explained.
In her presentation, the Group Head, Partnership at Axa Mansard, Ms. Wurola Odesanya said her company partnered with RentSmallSmall based on the strategic solutions the company is coming with. She added that “With Axa Mansard home insurance, tenants will be at peace leaving in their apartments and enjoying their period paid for.
Check at the company’s show that there are several available homes waiting for tenants in parts of Lagos Island and Lekki axis.
The company also revealed that it is currently reaching out to landlords in parts of Lagos to partner with it so as to lift seamless housing supply in Lagos State.
On the future plans of RentSmallSmall, Balogun averred that as Lagos coverage is growing, the company is considering expanding its services to the nation’s capital city of Abuja.

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