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Outrage as Nigerian politicians fingered in booming human organ sales

Latest intelligence from credible international bodies made available to Nigeria’s security agencies now link top Nigerian politicians and diplomats in the illicit business of human trafficking and organ harvesting.

According to the report, not only Nigerians are victims and dealers but the ring is streaming along the West African sub-region.

Otherwise, intelligence agencies in Italian, French, and International Police (Interpol) who had been on the trail of the cartel say diplomatic channels are used to integrate illegal immigrants into countries like Italy, France, and Spain from where victims are drugged and operated to harvest their basic organs.

Already, there exists a highly cohesive network where politically exposed persons (PEPs) are involved in ambassadorial/diplomatic appointments solely with a view to promoting the criminal cross-border trade.

The intelligence, in addition to the gorier details concerning the sale of human organs, fingered well-connected politicians and diplomats in the dastardly business.

Business Hilights recalls that the Minister of health, Prof Isaac Adewale had warned Nigerians trooping abroad for medical treatments to be careful on the class of hospitals they go to as a way of guiding against organ harvesters who are said to be on the prowl.

Findings by our correspondents show that the body parts Black Market, popularly called organ harvesters’ is on the rise as latest market figures show as follows 1 Kidney goes for $262,000 or about ₦104Million, Heart costs $119,000 (₦57M), and Liver stands at $157,000 (₦62M).

The modus operandi of the cartel starts with luring people with high paying jobs in Europe and Americas.

Further investigations also indicated that the dealers who had solidified their personal security systems tied round Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), are in the tactics of personally processing their victims travel papers, pay ticket and then take them abroad via the air in pretense that they want to get a job there, however, narratives change on getting abroad as they end up killing their victims and harvesting all their valuable body parts.