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Yudala lists top 10 electronic gadgets needed in every home

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For new home owners, Yudala, Nigeria’s fastest growing composite e-commerce outfit has released lists of some essential items needed to make The top ten must-have devices for ideal home in modern world include the following;

  1. Electric Kettle: Making Eba (Garri)? In need of some hot water for a cup of tea? Looking to fast track boiling your rice? Or you simply wish to sterilize your baby’s bottle with some sizzling hot water? Then you definitely need an electric kettle.
  2. Blender: The Blender is one of the most under-rated home appliances ever! How often do you actually want to go out and grind your pepper at the public roadside grinder’s? Do you feel this is a hygiene issue for you? One word: Blenders.
  3. Home Entertainment System: Are you a movie or music lover? Do you crave the surround effect and acoustics difference which a quality entertainment system delivers? Then you definitely have to get a Home Theatre System. Imagine watching the Fate of the Furious in your living room, supported by a powerful Home Entertainment System. Certainly an experience worth having.
  4. Microwave Oven: Nobody likes coming home to eat cold food after a long, hard day. A good microwave is in order and a very essential appliance for your home.
  5. Refrigerator: Cold water, cold drinks, fresh fruits, preserved left-overs, what do all these wonderful things have in common? Yes, you got it right, a quality fridge. The importance of a refrigerator can never be overemphasized!
  6. Gas Cooker: You definitely have to cook something at some point. Even if noodles are all you are good at; a table top gas cooker is perfect. There are several great options at Yudala. An added incentive is that gas cookers are quite durable and easy to clean.
  7. Air Conditioner: The weather in this part of the world can get really humid. Gone are the days when a good air-conditioning unit was considered a luxury. With several competing brands in the market, you can now get an air-conditioning unit that combines excellent design with great functionality!
  8. Washing Machine: Dirty laundry? No worries. Now you can do your laundry in record time and without expending your energy. With a small budget, you can get a useful, quality brand that can handle your laundry tasks for many years.
  9. TV Set: Your home is certainly incomplete without a TV set hanging from your living room wall. Interestingly, TV sets come in various screen sizes and in most cases, the bigger the screen, the better for your viewing pleasure, especially for movies and sport lovers.
  10. Inverter: One of the most important items your home needs is a quality inverter. How do you intend to power all your appliances when public power supply fails? Unfortunately, supply is often erratic and cannot be relied upon exclusively. If noisy generators are not your thing, you can give yourself and the neighbours the much-needed peace of mind by getting an inverter.


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