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TB Joshua donates school to earthquake hit Ecuador, warns Africa to stop begging West

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Leading African preacher and founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Senior Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua has given more insights on why he donated complete new school complex for both Primary and Secondary pupils and students in Ecuador, South America.

The magnificent school complex built in remote area of the country, according to him, was Emmanuel TV Partners’ aid to the recently earthquake ravaged region of the country.

It would be recalls that high magnitude earthquake hit the country on April 16, 2017. The school was built in Juan Lorenzo Anapa.

Explaining the reason behind the gesture during Live Sunday Service Broadcast, monitored in Lagos by team of Business Hilights Editors yesterday, May 21, 2017, Prophet Joshua said “For we that are humanitarians, we should begin to draw governments to areas that are neglected and forgotten”.

Tb Joshua 4
Prophet TB Joshua, founder Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), owners of Emmanuel TV

In his speech during the commissioning at the site which was about five hour’s trip from Capital, Quito, he simply said “Thank you children, thank you very much. I want to thank you in the name of Jesus, and am here today by his instruction”.

“Going by what I have gone through before getting here, it’s not just possible for any one without God’s instruction to be here. But am here on God’s command.

“We are here in the name of Jesus Christ who gives us strength and ability to do whatever we are doing,” TB Joshua said.

In his further explanation, he said “The Lord ministered to me when the earthquake happened. The Lord said to me, that remote area that the earthquake destroyed, go and help them”.

“God said I should go there and open a school for the children to grow well.

A top official of the community said “Because of what happened on 16/4/17, God touched the heart of Prophet TB Joshua to visit us with a school”.

Continuing in his explanation at the Church yesterday, Prophet Joshua said “The reason why I was seating at the back of the Hilux van was that our team has some old people and they need to get seated. Again, no big man there wanted to follow us there. They said the area was too far and remote”.

“It was a five hours journey to the School at Juan Lorenzo Anapa Region of Ecuador. Emmanuel TV Partners built the Primary and Secondary Schools and water treatment plant to serve the school.

In his further submission, he warned Africans to end begging developed economies and grow our continent for the better, stressing that time has come for Africans to start giving the West.

According to him, “For Africa to meet the standard of the West, we too should be giving to the West”.

“We should stop begging. We are not created to beg or become beggars.  Africa, whatever we have, no matter how little, go there and give them. When they continue giving you, you remain a beggar for life. That is the problem here for Africa.

“Africa; if it is Banana, Plantain, yam, give to the West. It is becoming an embarrassment. Anyone that keep collecting, and receiving will never grow. You do not know how to give; you do not know how to receive.

“So Africa, no matter the little you have, go and give. They too are not perfect. They are not perfect financially. They too need your assistance. Go! Give!! Let Africa glory come!!!

We Africa had been beggar right from primordial.

“Our preachers will go; after preaching, they come back home with dollars.

SCOAN, Synagogue front
Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Headquarters, Ikotu, Lagos Nigeria: Photo: Business Hilights

‘Your businessmen you go there; you beg. You run away from Africa and start to claim asylum, saying they want to kill you in your country. Some go there for prostitution, some dupe and run back home.

“All these are destroying the continent of Africa. Africa, enough is enough. Am shedding tears.

Continuing, he revealed that “At the beginning of this ministry, we have little, but any time I travel there, I refuse to receive, rather I give. Here am today”.

“Yes, today they are sending all the bibles. They bring bible for you. The bible you can buy at the bookshop, they send it to you.

“Let me tell you, the only way we can be elevated is if we to go to the West and give them the little we have. If we can’t learn to give, we may not get out of this mess of underdevelopment, Africa!

“Africa, you do not know how to give, but you know how to receive. I do not have so much, but the little we get we give out. I thank our partners all over the world for the good job they are doing with us.

“We may say we do not have enough school, but there is no country that does not lack what we lack. They too are struggling. But if you go to the beautiful countries, their cities are good. Go to their villages, they are just like ours.

“People live under the bridge in Nigeria, in Africa, here; go all over the world you will see the same thing. There is joblessness in Africa, which country in the world that does not have jobless people?

“Unfortunately we Africa decided to be on the side of begging. I know that many Africans today all over the world will begin to feel challenged. The West needs our oil, give it to them and collect their technology. Unfortunately, we carry oil to them and collect dollars and ponds and come back only for corruption to dry them up and we start again.

“Mineral resources should be exchanged for barter and that should be technology.

I have oil, okay, we need technology. We give you oil, you give us technology,” he advised African leaders.

Earlier on his arrival at Quito, the Ecuadorian capital, he was ceremoniously hosted by top military brass lead by Gen. Carlos Medina, Lt. Omar Cruz and the Christian Police chief after a motorcade from the Quito International Airport.


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