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Changing from oil for money to oil for technology is ‘best Change’—TB Joshua

Leading African preacher, philanthropist and founder Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua has called on African governments and the federal government in particular to change its policy on managing oil resource for the interest of Nigerians and the economy.

In one of his Live Sunday Service telecast monitored in Lagos, he said “Africans and my brothers, it’s time we should be producers not consumers in the comity of nations”.

He explained that the key problem African nations are facing in leadership is that our governments are encouraging African to continue being consumers rather than producers, saying “This is the problem we are facing on our continent, Africa”.

“Instead of using our mineral resources to exchange for technology, we use them to exchange dollar and ponds.

“Instead of using the mineral resources the Lord has given us to receive what we don’t have which is technology, we use them to get dollars and ponds which dries up in peoples’ private accounts.

Continuing, Joshua averred that “If we Africans use our mineral resources to take technologies, nobody will see any money to embezzle.  If we have laws that mineral resources must not be exchanged for dollar and ponds, but for technology, we will grow faster and jobs will be everywhere”.

“If we exchange resources for technology, we can stand on that to ask for any technology we want and use it to develop Africa and Nigeria in particular. The exchange for technology will end looting and corruption in Nigeria.

Joshua stressed further that “Here in Nigeria, we have oil and gas. If we make a law that the resources must only be tapped and exchanged for technology, we can now stand and be receiving technologies from best nations and grow our economy faster and better”.

“If we take such a step, Nigeria will become a pilgrimage of sort and corruption will have no space because it is barter.

“Because we have not done the needful, today, see what is happening to our dollars and ponds.

Until Africa and the rest that are complaining of poverty realize to exchange resources for technology and not foreign currency, poverty and other associated problems may remain put.

“We are not supposed to be poor considering the level of mineral resources we have in Nigeria and Africa, but because we exchange them for money which usually develops wings and fly away, keeping us all poor in the face of plenty.

“Every time, we say there are no youth employment and no job security, why? Because dollar and ponds are not companies but cash that can fly away, but companies do not fly rather employ graduates.

“If we use our mineral resources to exchange technologies, and we give them oil, Nigeria will be full of jobs for everybody.

In his further submission, the preacher made it clear that “What am saying is that Africa and Nigeria in particular should change the economic development narrative from oil for money to oil for technology. Tell the whole world; Not oil for money, but oil for technology,” he summed.