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Adebayo Shittu

Group unveils ‘Project 1m Jobs’ for youths in ICT

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A platform created for one million youths with ICT related skills to work virtually from anywhere in the world and earn a living, has been unveiled in Lagos.

The scheme, ‘Project One Million Jobs’ was initiated Akachi Nwoke, chief executive officer of Emerald TV, to provide a one stop global virtual ICT hub.

Explaining how it will work, Nwoke said that jobs will become available to professionals like web designers, mobile app developers, graphic editors, animators, software developers, copywriters, analysts, social media professionals, voice over artists, translators, speechwriters, news writers, PR Executives, etc, from December 1, 2016, although, the platform has opened to registrants.

According to him, “Emerald TV believes in the Power that one job has. We believe Just one job can sustain a family of eight in Africa. We believe just one job means a mother doesn’t have to sell her daughter into marriage. We believe just one job means a young man has something better to do than join a gang. Now take the positive impact of just one job, and multiply that by a million! This is a platform where workmen meet work”.

 “The whole idea is for them to work virtually from any part of the country. There is no special skill required except you have to be knowledgeable on ICT tools. For instance, if you can design a website, develop mobile app or animator, you can actually go to and subscribe. Once you upload your profile by December 1, the work flow will start.

 “This is basically designed for jobs in ICT or for those with such skill sets. Secondly, LinkedIn and other platforms do not get you jobs, but we are saying sign up from whatever location in Nigeria and we will get job for you.

 “The jobs are not automatic. Your duty is to register, ours is to get the job pushed to you. The platform is not subscription based; just sign up. The platform opened this week and with the number of subscriptions already we will hit the one million mark in a month time, which is the benchmark we set for ourselves so that work starts by December 1.


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