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Glo’s Professor Johnbull features Helen Paul as guest

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The first season of the Glo-sponsored TV sitcom prof Johnbull is round up.

In the latest episode, he made a special presentation for comedienne, Helen Paul, who played a guest appearance with spectacular interpretation of her role, ‘Sikiratu’ in the thirteenth episode, entitled ‘A Single Mistake’.

The episode which was aired last Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV and NTA on Startimes begins with Elizabeth reading a book and is startled by her father, Professor Johnbull as he walks into the sitting room.

He asks of Jumoke, Elizabeth’s reading partner and is told that she slept out. The professor is aghast and says “It defeats the very essence of her begging you to move into our house as her new reading partner”. He also inquires if she has been sleeping out and he gets an affirmative answer.

The professor steps out for fresh air and meets Jumoke who has just been dropped off by an unknown man.

He asks Jumoke where she is coming from and she lies that she is from church. The Professor takes a second look at her dressing and doubts her story. He tells her an adage saying, “A goat lying on the bare floor lies on its own skin”.

The camera pans to a hefty woman walking menacingly towards the professor’s gate. She accosts Abednego asking to see ‘Candy’. Professor Johnbull walks outside the gate to meet the aggrieved woman, placates her and queries her mission.

The woman introduces herself as ‘Madam Doris’ and requests to see Candy. The professor denies knowing anyone by that name on his premises. As Jumoke walks out of the gate with Elizabeth, Madam Doris knocks her to the floor.

In the next scene, the professor excoriates Jumoke for dating a married man, calling it a licentious behavior. Jumoke feels a sensation in her stomach and rushes to the bathroom.

When Elizabeth tries to find out what the problem is, she rushes to the bathroom again. Elizabeth advises her to see a doctor as she has been to the toilet over eighteen times. Jumoke altercates with Caro when the latter comes in to invite Elizabeth for breakfast.

The scene flips to the gate where pregnant ‘Sikiratu’ played by Helen Paul requests to see her sister ‘Anuoluwapo’. Caro who meets her at the gate tries to dismiss her but Sikiratu insists on seeing the sister. Sikiratu’s appearance on the scene exposes Jumoke’s deceit.

Caro walks into the dinning where the professor, Elizabeth, Churchill and Jumoke are having breakfast and calls Jumoke by her real name ‘Anuoluwapo’.

Jumoke is startled and jittery, hearing her real name. Caro informs her that her sister is at the gate to see her. As Jumoke steps outside the gate, Sikiratu is excited to see her sister Jumoke, but the latter is apprehensive of her coming. Jumoke sends her to her home after giving Sikiratu the keys to her house.

The last scene shows Olaniyi and Baba Fakunle bringing a sick Jumoke back to the professor’s house. She rues her misdeeds saying, “If I can survive this, I will never be a ‘runs’ girl again”.

In the professor’s final remarks, he laments the act of promiscuity by young girls. He says, “what young girls call runs is bad and dangerous… The inordinate lust for material things in the society especially among students can lead to situations that can cause permanent damage or even lead to death”. He chides Jumoke for making a grievous mistake and admonishes parents to educate their children on how to live decent lives.


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