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Glo Prof Johnbull Emphasizes on Noise Pollution

Noise pollution globally is becoming a nightmare.  But here in Nigeria, experts say, it is now deadly especially cities.

Besides, the effect of the environmental hazard from noise pollution is far-reaching and has become an issue of discuss in certain quarters.

In the eleventh episode of the Glo-sponsored TV drama series, Professor Johnbull which was telecast last Tuesday at 8:30pm on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV and NTA on Startimes, the issue of noise pollution from generating sets was in focus.

The scene of the episode titled ‘Voice of the City’ opened as Professor Johnbull traced the “footfalls of a marauder” to his sitting room, wielding a machete and comparing his sense of perception to that of an Alsatian dog. He discovered that the marauder was no one but his nephew, Dr. Ifeanyi Ogunyemi, who was in the country to attend the professor’s seminar.

The professor queried his mission in the sitting room at such an odd time of the night. Dr. Ogunyemi who was seen laying on the sofa, complained about the heat and the terrible noise emanating from electricity generating sets.

The professor appealed to the doctor to bear with the situation. The professor moved to open the windows but was heralded by a deafening noise from the generators. His nephew urged him to shut the windows as he was unable to stand the ‘Voice of the City’.

The professor was at a loss as to the expression, ‘Voice of the City’, but Dr. Ogunyemi clarified his expression to mean noise from generators.

The scene flipped to Olaniyi’s restaurant and he was seen being confronted by Madam Doris, who was agitated over the noise from Olaniyi’s generator.

She complained that the generator was so noisy that she could not sleep. Olaniyi affirmed that his generator must run as his business depends on it. Olaniyi said the only remedy to the situation was regular power supply.

The camera panned to the professor’s sitting room once more where he introduced his nephew, Dr. Ifeanyi Ogunyemi to Etuk, but the doctor was fast asleep as he couldn’t get enough sleep the previous night. Olaniyi walked into the room to meet the professor with his guests including Madam Doris and Ufoma. Olaniyi expressed his anger at Madam Doris’ decision to write him through her lawyer regarding the noise pollution from his generator.


The pertinent issue at hand digressed and the theme of love was well contrived into the scene when Olaniyi accused Ufoma of having a crush on the professor and dying in silence.

Ufoma tried to defend her feelings for the professor by asking “if I love the professor, is it a crime”?

The professor brought them back to the issue at hand. He advised Olaniyi to be considerate when using his generator as it disturbed the whole neighborhood. Madam Doris suggested that the government should ban the importation of generators.

The professor urged Madam Doris and Olaniyi to find a common ground for settlement. In his submission, the professor said “pollution is pollution whether direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional. Pollution in any way is a disaster.”

He suggested the use of alternative energy sources such as solar and avoid the vandalism of power installations.

The TV drama series is sponsored by Globacom and rebroadcast every Friday at the same time and stations.