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Why Abia moves to harmonise activities of Tricycle operators—Agbazuere

The new Chief of Staff to Abia State Governor, Dr ACB Agbazuere has given signals of the government’s readiness to begin harmonization of rolls and activities of operators of tricycles across the state.

In a Special Announcement titled: ‘Enthroning Orderliness and Competitiveness in the Tricycle Sector’, Agbazuere averred that “In the interest of equitable development of our transportation sector for the masses, the state government hereby announces as follows:

  1. The recognition of the three tricycle riders and owners’ associations namely;
  5. Each association will play the undermentioned roles for its members, the state and the general public:
  6. Work with the state Ministry of Transport and Internal Revenue Service to register members in an electronic database:
  7. Publish a code of conduct approved by the Ministry of Transport
  8. Assign a unique serial number to every tricycle and agree with the Ministry of Transport on the specific data to be captured

iii. Agree on a unique colour code for tricycles under its membership with the Ministry of Transportation

    1. Agree and introduce a procedure for adding and removing vehicles as may be required. This will include the regular update of the electronic database of owners and assigned drivers.
    2. Ensure that all riders of tricycles under each association possess genuine riders’ permit from the Federal Road Safety Commission and Abia State Internal Revenue Service
    3. Issue a secure means of identification to all drivers and ensure it is worn boldly
    4. Maintain and widely publicise a call centre number for the public to use in the case of complaints and commit to reporting all incidents to the Ministry of TransportKeke Napep 44
  1. Ensure that all owners and riders pay their minimum tax, monthly, annually or as may be convenient for them. This tax should be paid directly to the designated government account by each member
  2. Ensure that all tricycles have a valid road worthiness permit at every point in time; as may be directed by the state ministry of transport in the near future
  3. Ensure that all tricycle riders pay the daily toll via approved means; as may be defined by the states internal revenue service from time to time
  4. Ensure all tricycle owners and riders pay all other levies as may be required
  5. Report all issues that can impact security and the peaceful coexistence with the other two associations. In addition, any issue deemed of importance to the development and security of the State should be brought to the notice of the Ministry of Transport and the Deputy Governor’s office in a timely manner.
  6. That all three associations must coexist in harmony
  7. That all owners and riders of tricycles must belong to ONLY one of the three associations. The associations must therefore jointly agree a mechanism to validate this at the point of registration.
  8. That any association involved in acts that put security at risk stands to be banned

Accordingly, the statement added that “The leadership of each association is hereby invited to a meeting with the Deputy Governor, Commissioner of Transport and Chairman of the Board of Internal Revenue on Thursday, November 14th 2019 by 12 noon.”