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Re: ACB Agbazuere Should be Stopped From Usurping Governor’s Office

By Akonuche

After reading a purported article yesterday from one pseudo and untraceable account with the name Dodoh Okafor ,I knelt down and prayed to source of creation for an urgent intervention to rescuing  humanity from  the shackle of idiocy and lack of conscientious to on hence, want to make the following submission.

1.When a mortal being’s sense of reasoning  is beclouds by envy, he/she will no longer see anything good within the sphere of humanity hence, will be addresses as nothing other than an enemy to Yahweh and humanity.

2.The same section 190 of the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, unequivocally stated with detailed scrupulosity that the Governor of a state prior to vacation from his office, would communicate to the house of Assembly through the speaker (ie,in writing not verbally, not phone call, not text message)declaring that he is proceeding on a vacation hence, would no longer be able to discharge his constitutional functions as the Governor, thereby giving the Deputy Governor the full power to become the Governor on an acting capacity.

  1. Subject to the above ,there were no official letter(s) written to that effect if any,we never see nor read and I want to categorically state it here that the Chief of Staff is the most senior and highest aide to the executive Governor of Abia state, and is not in any way usurping the office of the Deputy Governor as you postulated as the Deputy Governor being a bureaucrat knows where his power states and where it stops.

4.Government is a constituted institution, government is an art of governance, it is a tool that facilitates governance,it has modus operandi ( ie,mode of operation, which is constitutional).It has tenets hence,can not act on heresy, one cannot resides in Wuham city and be a Duke in Milan.

5 .Anthony Agbazuere is a  personality that understands what loyalty is all about. Telling me that the chief of staff is the only visible official at the government house hence, should be killed, is not only funny and laughable rather is also an art of envy and a calculated attempt to cause confusion in the state,hereby heating up the polite.

  1. Dodoh Okafor, you addressing an Academia that has attained the envious height of an Associate Professor in law as Mister, is not only being ignorant, uneducated, unprofessional, but also being unfair to your conscience, humanity, and source of creation. It is an art of cowardice and disregard to the academic world.
  2. Rt.Hon Dr Udo Oko Chukwu our ebullient and humble Deputy Governor is a bureaucrat and a technocrat who knows the tenets of bureaucracy and governace, and I will advise you to stop putting your fruitless efforts to setting him at nought with his Boss and the Chief of staff of Abia state.
  3. Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is an Ngwa man, first Abia Governor from the largest clan in Abia, the only Governor in Abia history to have had one deputy from first tenure to the second tenure, nature endowed us with the rare quality of being accommodating ,we don’t hate ,we don’t cheat ,we don’t neglect, we are appreciating ,we believe in team work ,is never in our DNA to do otherwise.
  4. I know that you and your unrepentant cohorts are doing all these to cause mayhem in the state, Abia is blessed ,the only state that has Ph.D holders as her Governor, Deputy and Chief of Staff respectively , so you can’t truncate the existing peace here nor cause further problem, the ones caused by your sponsors are enough hence,the madness should stop.
  5. Lastly, i will quickly remind you and your fellow wailers by making you to understand it without any delay that the Government that survived ill Supreme court judgment for four record straight times will never be distracted by a purported article written by a pseudo account without trace.

NB: Okezie Victor Chibuikem Ikpeazu Ph.D, is the Governor of Abia State, Anthony Chidi Brains Agbazuere  Ph.D, is his Chief of staff, Ude Oko Chukwu Ph.D, is the deputy Governor of Abia state ,stop hitting the polity ,APC is in crisis and as well experiencing anarchy ,I advise you channel your strength to that side and leave Abia state alone.

*Akonuche wrote in from Umuahia, Abia State Capital