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Only strategic framework for digital sovereignty in Nigeria can end cyber crime—Mafiana

Whereas lack of data encryption, poor awareness, under reporting of breaches among others, would continue to fuel the menace of cyber crimes in Nigeria, the Chief Executive Officer, FPG Technologies and Solutions Limited, Rex Mafiana has stressed that the scourge can only be contained with a strategic framework for digital sovereignty.

He therefore charged government and business organisations not to take cyber sovereignty issues with levity, saying critical defence mechanism of countries have shifted from the physical to the technology space.

He said time has come for the government to partner with the private sector to erect a digital fence to save the country from cyber-attacks and data losses.

Even though the Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu, had said that the country loses N127 billion yearly, industry experts say the figure could be higher than that due to the fact that loses are under reported.

Explaining more while celebrating the company’s five years of operations in the country, Mafiana said “Nigeria is gang-raped because there is nothing on our Internet gateway. Cyber security should be part of the risks discussed at board levels to enable businesses understand and avert cyber-attacks.

“Firms need to understand that cyber security is part of business risk so they can get the support they need,” he added.

Continuing, he averred that “Noting that the Cyber Law is a step towards cyber security in Nigeria, he said it is insufficient to serve as a national framework for digital security in Nigeria, which has made the country vulnerable to attacks.

“The law for now can only function as a basis for criminal justification but there are many areas left to cover. Government should be concerned with digital sovereignty the same way they take proactive measures to protect our borders.