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Nigeria still ranks top in most sceptical about 5G—Report

New report by Prolifics Testing, an international has shown that many Nigerian internet users are still in fear of 5G technology upon all awareness campaigns carried by both government and private sector advocates.

Driven by its core benefit of super-fast low latency internet, 5G is one of the pinnacle new technologies that is set to revolutionise everyday life. Despite this, many are still cynical about 5G.

Interested in technology trends, Prolifics Testing utilised online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover which countries in the world are most sceptical about 5G based on their online searches in relation to 5G.

Some of the highlights from the research include:

Nigeria rank 13th, as there are 6,850 online searches a month by Nigerians concerning the possible negative implications of 5G technology

The United States is the most sceptical country in the world about 5G, with an average 374,700 tentative online searches about 5G per month

United Kingdom (93,400) and Australia (32,970) are among the other countries where there are over 30,000 dubious online searches regarding 5G each month

Please see the attached press release and infographic for more information, including a full analysis of the results/findings.

Prolifics Testing classified and grouped consistently recurring Google searches by individuals on 5G such as ‘is 5G dangerous?’, ‘is 5G safe?’, ‘is 5G harmful?’, ‘does 5G pose health risks?’ and ‘does 5G cause/spread coronavirus (Covid-19)?’ as sceptical online searches about 5G.