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‘MTN’s free N5, 000 Airtime smartest tactics to drive ongoing SIM update’

Public affairs analysts have saluted MTN Nigeria for coming up with strategic bait on its subscribers to embrace the network’s subscribers’ fresh registration of their Subscribers Identification Module (SIM) cards.

In compliance with the Nigerian Communications Commission’s (NCC) directive to network operators to encourage their subscribers’ to update their database, MTN Nigeria is dangling whooping N5,000 airtime for subscribers who have successfully completed the process at any of its service outlet nationwide.

Though efforts to find out why the telecom giant introduced the attractive bait at press time, some analysts saw the idea as very intelligent and seamless.

According to them, such customer relations strategy defines the way and manner a company values its loyal customers by giving back in other to drive further unflinching brand loyalty.

They further averred that giving back some airtime is a way of telling the customers that MTN values their precious time to come and pass through the mild updating process.

Accordingly, they called on other networks that are yet to call for subscribers’ SIM updates to take a cue from MTN in order to receive similar turnout whenever they will begin the process.

Checks by Business Hilights Bureau Chief across several states showed massive turnout and expression of excitements on the faces of many MTN subscribers as they line up to update their SIM details.

On why the sudden need for SIM details update, a source at the NCC noted that the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), has requested that everybody should register with 10-digits and previous registration was just four digits.

The official further added that the Commission is working on NIMC request so as to merge the database of NIMC and NCC for national security purpose and digital inclusion advantage.

Business Hilights Ghana Bureau Chief had few months ago, reported that the Ghanaian telecoms regulator had informed telecom subscribers that effective October, every subscriber must update his or her SIM specifically with the number in his or her new national Ghana Cards.

However, the mandate for Nigerian subscribers to use their National Identity Number (NIN), equivalent of Ghana Card cannot work because access to NIN by Nigerians had been slow with cost on Nigerians even as Ghana charges nothing.