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Just in: Notre Dame Paris fire: Barely 24 hrs after, over 700m euro in for rebuilding

Global sympathizers and mainly French multinationals including LVMH family, Total, Vinci, Bouygues brothers, Casino, Kering, L’Oreal, Arnault’s family, Jcdecaux, Societe Generate bank, and others today polled well over 700m euros for the rebuilding of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. The UNESCO graded site at the heart of Paris, the French capital went up in flames for nine hours on Monday, April 15, 2019.
Reuters reports that Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral went up in flames on Monday evening, a blaze that devastated the Parisian landmark, destroying its wooden-beamed roof and collapsing the iconic spire. It is a searing loss for Paris and France.
Whereas preliminary reports finger accidental fire which may have resulted from ongoing renovation works, French President, Emmanuel Macron has pledged to rebuild the gothic masterpiece.
Notre Dame’s centuries-old wooden roof beams, stone exterior and soaring Gothic architecture made Monday’s blaze especially difficult to tackle and Paris firefighters deserve praise for their efforts, experts say.
The spire and most of the roof of the centuries old cathedral have been destroyed, but the two bell towers and the main edifice were saved.
Video released by the French Interior Ministry showed the scale of the response. Authorities deployed some 400 firefighters, pumped water from the Seine and flew drones to survey the damage.
The biggest problem, experts say, was accessing the wooden ceiling beams which formed the frame for the soaring roof.

Graphic outlay of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Donations made so far for the rebuilding process:

French billionaire businessman Bernard Arnault’s family and his LVMH luxury goods group said they would donate 200 million euros to help repair the cathedral
Francois Henri Pinault, who heads the Kering luxury goods company, pledged 100 million euros through his Artemis holding
French luxury and cosmetics group L’Oreal, along with the Bettencourt Meyer family and the Bettencourt Schueller foundation, will donate 200 million euros in total
French oil company Total said it will donate 100 million euros
Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere, head of the group that runs ratings agency Fitch, pledged 10 million euros
Construction group Vinci called on all building companies in France to join forces to repair the cathedral in an “industry-wide skills sponsorship drive”
Martin Bouygues and his brother Olivier, who oversee a telecoms to construction conglomerate, pledged to donate 10 million euros. Bouygues group separately said it was ready to join the “skills sponsorship” drive
French outdoor advertising group pledged 20 million euros
Societe Generate bank pledged 10 million euros
The French retailer said its Franprix and Monoprix stores would implement price-rounding operations to support foundations helping with repairs
CEO Tim Cook said on Twitter Apple would donate an unspecified sum to rebuilding efforts
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said the city would donate 50 million euros
Valerie Pecresse, head of the Ile de France regional authority that includes Paris, pledged 10 million euros
Local government to donate 2 million euros

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Source of the water used to put off the nine hour’s inferno at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

The bank said it would donate 9 million euros
IT services group to donate 1 million euros
To pick bills of all associated travels coming with the rebuilding process
*More donations and pledges expected going forward analysts say.