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Imo North Senate hopeful, Osigwe lists areas of utmost concern


We shall focus on legislations that would tackle the security challenges of our zone.

We understand that our people lives in insecurity of fulani herdsmen, boko haram, unknown gunmen, banditry kidnappers and even the stray bullets of police and armies.

Our people cannot sleep with their eyes closed, young men are leaving the Community for urban settlement for fear of attack and unknown assailants.

Our people need a voice that will cry just like the lonely voice of John the baptist.

The legacies of our Hero’s past, His Excellency Sam Mbakwe (Late) on infrastructural development have been destroyed as a result of insecurity in the land.

  • Education.
  • Industries.
  • Employment
  • Commerce Banking, market, insurance, schools.
  • Infrastructure. Road, good drainage system.

No country is developed amist insecurity, no economic activity will work well when there’s insecurity.

The lives and properties of the people are in shambles in the eyes of insecurity.

Education: Okigwe Imo North senatorial zone is known for excellence in education.

The level of infrastructural decay in our schools, primary, secondary and tertiary schools are worrisome.

Due to lack of effective legislations, our representatives in the past did their utmost best but not well enough to drive home the expected dividends of educational infrastructural development from the federal and state governments to the zone. The insecurity situations is now making our own sons and daughters abandon our school both for studies and teaching.

I observed the drive of our people in sending their children and wards to schools outside our zone are due to the incessant attacks of the known and unknown gunmen. This has consequently increased the rate of school drop outs.

Commerce and industry: The zone is well known with industries like Oil palm mill, Rice mill, Timber mill, clay products and blocks industries. Etc.

These industries engaged great number of the population of the people and also use the produce of the farm as Raw materials and now they’re suffering because of insecurity in the zone, state and country at large.

There’s no good legislation in our Parliament today, our past representatives show little or no concern in this issues bedevilling the country. Our markets are no longer attended by people and their inttinary marketers from other state, zone and local government.

Banking & Industry: Okigwe zone are comparatively in this industry, only Okigwe town has varieties of banks, other local governments areas managed to have Community or micro finance banks which have been in constant attack by the unknown gunmen and other terrorist armed men which rendered commercial activities and Agricultural financing schemes unoperative.

Infrastructural Development: With my experience in construction  I will present motions that will attract Road, borehole, rural electricity, solar security lights in the remote parts of our area which will create Employment in the area.

Employment: Okigwe zone has enough man power which are redundant due to ineffective legislation that rendered the location industries and more death of the cottage industries that exist in the zone.

If given the mandate I will use my connections both home and abroad to source and create more employment opportunities to the zone.

Effective communication between the situator and the people is very important. I will ensure regular town hall meeting with my people.

To that effect, if elected, I will establish constituency office in each of the six local government area in the zone. This would enhance effective feed back both from the people and to the people.

Conclusion:     Action speaks louder than voice.

Trust the most trusted.

Edison Tobby