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How Dozie is driving internal reforms with tailored mission on retail banking


The Group Chief Executive of Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Uzoma Dozie has opened up on how his emergence as the managing director if the bank has changed the narrative in the bank and the industry in general.

In an interview, he said “Since I came on board, we accelerated our retail strategy agenda. We’ve always had the notion to go retail, go into the corporate banking space like the public sector”.

“In fact, it became the agenda because we went into a very successful organisational restructure where we quickly tailored retail at the heart of our business across all the branches. It wasn’t that we were leaving out all the other businesses but we are going to apply a retail strategy to all of them.

Giving more insights on changes effected by his leadership drive in the last three years, Dozie said “Since then the culture of the organisation has changed. We have actually changed from a tie-wearing organisation to one that actually understands what the people want”.

According to him, “Before, we had about four to five million customers and now we have about 12million customers, and most of these customers are retail people who go about their daily life. One of the things I will say we have been successful at, and at the core of our businesses is also the change in the perception of what Diamond Bank is in the industry”.

“We’ve also become a foster child for the future of digital banking especially in Nigeria. We probably have the best Mobile Banking App now in the industry. We have more customers in mobile digital financing services than any other organisation. If you add Diamond Y’ello, Beta Customers, and our mainstream customers, we have close to 10 million customers using, enjoying and benefiting from just doing their banking on a mobile phone, and getting the full banking services.

Continuing, he said for us, the beginning of where we want to go to, starts from customer drive that is laced with innovative costumer tailored services with cutting edge technology.

He revealed that Diamond yardstick for measurement cannot be unconnected with “how many customers do you have and how can you connect people with markets? That’s what retail is all about”.

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