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Gas shortage, poor load demand by Discos push generation further lower

Whereas a total of 10,106.8 megawatts of electricity remained unmoved to needed users across the country last week, gas shortage and low or selective demand by Discos have been fingered.

Business Hilights gathered that power plants connected to the national grid produced a total of 32,209.3MW last week, but daily generation figures as of 6am collated from the Nigerian Electricity System Operator remains weaker.

Official reports say “The plants could not produce 8,924.4MW because of gas supply challenges while 1,182.4MW generation capacity was left idle as a result of Discos’ low demand. The government-owned Nigeria Electricity Trading Plc buys electricity in bulk from generation companies through Power Purchase Agreements and sells through vesting contracts to the Discos, which then supply it to the consumers.

Besides, NESO data showed that the power plants generated 4,482.55MW as of 6am on December 13, while 1,915.8MW was left unused. The plants produced 4,719.13MW, 4,416.89MW and 4,514.7MW as of 6am last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively but could not generate 1,672.4MW, 1,627MW and 1,495.8MW respectively.