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Ganiyu Johnson assures Oshodi-Isolo II Federal constituency tailored projects

House of Representatives member representing Oshodi-Isolo Federal Constituency II of Lagos State, Hon. Engr. Ganiyu Abiodun Johnson, has given roadmap of how he will raise the welfare of his constituency.

In an interview with Business Hilights in his Constituency Office, he said every part and ward of the constituency will gain from projects and schemes without any form of discrimination.

He revealed that “I have just appointed my co-ordinators, my ambassadors that will represent me in each ward. We have 13 wards in Oshodi-Isolo II, we have seven in Isolo and six in Ejigbo.

“What I have done is to appoint co-ordinators in each of the ward so that they would be attending ward meetings and also be attending the NGA meetings, for example in Isolo where we have 7 wards each of them would represent me then during NGA, all of them would be at that meeting, whether I am there or not, I am well represented. And also it shows that I am accessible to them, “I have told the two chairmen that I would follow it up with a formal letter so they would be able to introduce them during the NGA meeting, so that if they have issues, if they have problems, if they have challenges. For example, the people in Ejigbo, they don’t have to travel of the way from Ejigbo to drop their letters and petitions here in my office.

“They just give it to my ambassadors because the idea is that twice a month, we would meet so that we would know their challenges because I still have 8 officers in my office here. If you look at it, it is a way of engaging the youth and empowering them because they are not doing it free of charge, it is at a cost and I don’t want to tell you how much I am paying them but I am paying them.

The former Lagos State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure and United States trained Civil Engineer, assured the appointees that “If they do it well as I told them, at least they are sure of their job for the next four years, apart from job security. It is a way of taking Oshodi-Isolo constituency 2 to another level because it has never been done before.

“So, we are hoping that by next election we would have been able to touch lives of people in the country, the programme that I have which I do not want to reveal here, but definitely, we have programme for the youth through skill acquisition by providing them with life tools and also with soft loans to support their trade.

“We also have programmes for the widows and the elderly and that is something we want to do periodically for the widows and the elderly and for the children, we will support them especially during long holiday by organising tutorials for them so that they would not forget that they are students starting from JSS 1 to JSS 3 in the junior secondary to the senior secondary. And also those people that did well in their exams, we will get GCE forms for them and organise tutorials so that they would be able to do well in their next exam.

“On health care, we are going to organise a kind of out reach for them. That too would be periodically because I have been talking to some people where they would come and check their blood pressure, some would be given glasses to correct their vision, and some small surgeries would be carried out on the people, within four years, you would see that this place would change. Infrastructure is my area, I hope and pray in legislature we don’t award contracts but we can influence through personal interaction and through lobbying, I pray that we would be able to influence the expansion of Mushin road because that is dear to me and critical.

Hon Johnson further explained that “Because NNPC haul over 350 trucks every day from Ejigbo every day and that is the road that they use from Ejigbo to Mushin to the express. So, I am hoping that by the time that we resume, I am going to push vigorously for them to do the road because that would minimise the gridlock along that corridor.

“Then the internal network of roads both in Ejigbo and Isolo, through the state government, I would reach out to them fir the ones that they would patch. But we can see that work has started and it is palliative, at that polytechnic round about there is a palliative going on there. And this happens within my own area so I know what to do. Even the governor and the deputy governor are my friend and we were in cabinet together, so I think that I should be able to reach out to them easily, and that is why I said that we can only facilitate.

He added that “I can only facilitate some of the routes along service roads within the local government in terms of rehabilitation, maintenance and opening up of some new roads. So, we would see what we would do, but basically that is my programme.”