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Fresh angle to Onnoghen’s undeclared $3m account emerges

Just as the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) yesterday announced resumption of trial of suspended Chief justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen, on Monday, February 4, a yet to be confirmed angle to the ownership of $3m in his allegedly undeclared account has emerged.
Alhaji Umar Sani, a social commentator shared a post on social media opening on his investigations on how the earnings of judges including States and federal courts are driven.
According to him, “When allegations are bandied about that the CJN has 3 million dollars in his account and scream blue murder it is a product of ignorance.”
He revealed that “I spoke to a friend whose wife is a Judge in the state and the friend confided in him that “A state Judge earns at least 50,000 USD on estacode and medical expenses abroad annually. They attend conferences abroad and are paid in dollars, pounds etc”.
While revealing that “The CJN has been a Supreme Court Justice for years,” Sani averred that “He has a poultry farm that produces between 400, 000 to 500,000 eggs daily. That is about 15,000 crates a day.”
“At 800 naira per crate, he makes 12 million naira every blessed day on eggs alone. In a month, that is 360 millions, in a year, it is 4.2 billion naira.
“Birds usually lay about 60 to 80%. At 500,000 eggs, you have roughly 700,000 old layers to sell at the end of the year.
“At 1200 naira each, that translates into 840 million naira. Not to talk about selling poultry droppings at 500/bag.
“My friend who has 500 hens produces 25 bags of droppings every 2 weeks. Chicken poo-poo or droppings alone can fetch him up to 35 million naira in a month.
“In addition he has cattle ranches and several agribusinesses. $3million us dollars said to be found in his combined account is N1billion naira which is far less than 4.2 billion he makes from selling eggs alone in one year.
Sani therefore queried “If the law ban you from investing your hard earned money? This is minus selling fish, yams, beans, egusi etc?”
Justice Onnoghen was last week, swiftly suspended based on exparte order claimed to have been secured by the federal government from the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) which led to the swearing of Justice Tanko Mohammed.
The issue had since then generated high level controversies both local and international as government relied on claims that he failed to declare all his assets before assuming the position of CJN.
Currently, the Senate had cancelled it planned reconvening and switched to the option of approaching the Supreme Court to determine if the Presidency had erred in law for unilateral suspension of the CJN without recourse to it.
The matter is yet to be heard at the Supreme Court as election approaches.