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De-West Wind Group takes haulage, human transportation to next level

Saturday, latest entrant from the United States to Nigeria’s courier and commercial transport sector, De-West Wind Nigeria, will flag off service delivery nationwide.
Key services of the group include picking up and delivering services for a fee and “ride sharing” Taxi model where passengers on their own share the cost of their transit amongst themselves.
Explaining how it works in an interview, President/Chairman, De-West Wind Nigeria, Mr. Jim Omaraye, said “Henceforth, Nigerians will have the opportunity of paying a company to pick up things they want and deliver them to wherever they want. Also Nigerians will have the opportunity to ride in vehicles that would drop others and the fees shared among the passengers, as it is done in some advanced countries”.
“We noticed that foreigners are dominating the Nigerian business landscape, especially in the area of telecoms and ride sharing. It came to a point where we must ask ourselves if we would continue to allow foreign companies dominate the Nigerian market.
Giving specific details on how the ride sharing aspect works, the chief executive noted that “Our vision is to provide a unique service in the form of ride sharing and marry it with direct pick-ups and dispatches. We are giving 90 per cent of money earned to drivers. I don’t think any other company is doing that.”
“It is about time Nigerians, especially those in the Diaspora embarked on massive investment in the economy such that we can generate employment. These are the things that motivated me to come back home so that I can contribute my own quota towards the growth of the economy,” Omaraye said.
Continuing, he said “De-West Wind will be into delivery service and direct pick-ups. If you have something you want to pick up from one location and drop at another, all you need do is go to Google Play or Apple Store, download our app and give us instructions and one of our drivers will do the delivery.
“We do direct pick-ups and grocery shopping. You can do your shopping through our website, which has over 100, 000 items. You can buy online from our domain and we ship to you. We are interconnected with over 100 departmental stores.”