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COVID-19: Sophos offers five cybersecurity tips to remote workers

In view of the Federal and State Governments directives that businesses in Nigeria should adopt measures to curtail the spread of Coronavirus many if not most organisations have already crossed the “working from home”, or at least the “working while on the road” bridge.

Accordingly, the global concerns over the current coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, and the need to keep at-risk staff away from the office, means that lots of companies may soon and suddenly end up with lots more staff working from home

A global cybersecurity Company has also suggested that it is vital not to let the precautions intended to protect the physical health of a company staff turn into a threat to their cybersecurity health at the same time.

“Importantly, if you have a colleague who needs to work from home specifically to stay away from the office then you can no longer use the tried-and-tested approach of getting them to come in once to collect their new laptop and phone, and to receive the on-site training that you hope will make them a safer teleworker”, Principal Research Scientist Sophos, Paul Ducklin, said while stressing that organisations  are now in need to set remote users up from scratch, entirely remotely, something some have not done a lot of in the past.

Ducklin went ahead to list five tips for working from home safely: Make sure it’s easy for your users to get started; Make sure your users can do what they need; Make sure you can see what your users are doing; Make sure they have somewhere to report security issues; and make sure you know about “shadow IT” solutions