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Before you kill Ihedioha…

By Eze Anyanwu

The kind of dirt, insults and white lies being unleashed on HE Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha in the Social Media lately is very unacceptable. It is sad and unfortunate to see very young people calling Ihedioha names and deliberately spreading falsehood against him. Must we sacrifice respect for seniors, leaders and elders on the altar of partisan politics? A man who rose to the position of Deputy Speaker in the FHR and later became Governor of Imo state – even if it is for 8 months – deserves some respect.

Governor Hope Uzodinma has never insulted Ihedioha nor accused him of financial impropriety. Rather, he is continuing with most of the initiatives of Ihedioha. Where are these emergency Social Media ‘wannabes’ getting the multi-billion Naira figures they claim Ihedioha must account for?

Ihedioha meant well for Imo state. He really started well until the Supreme Court struck. I don’t see anything wrong in his trying to reclaim his mandate. That’s not desperation. The advice from Uche Nwosu is belated. After all, he refused to accept Hope Uzodinma as flag bearer and had to move to AA. After the declaration of Ihedioha as Governor, he took the battle up to the SC. If his disqualification by the SC had not been beyond reasonable doubt, he would have asked for a review.

I am sure Uzodinma means well for Imo state too. The stone (Uzodinma) that the builder (Imolites) refused can still turn out to be the head corner stone.

#ImoFirst. It doesn’t matter whether our Governor is Ihedioha or Uzodinma.  It is the interest of Imolites that is paramount. If Ihedioha returns, good. If Uzodinma remains, good. As the court pleases. Douglas House is nobody’s father’s house.

May God give us the courage to accept the outcome of this review and live in peace and unity from March 2, 2020.