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Atiku begins ‘People’s Policy’ issue based campaign as Buhari unveils ‘Next Level’

Following the ban lifted on presidential and senatorial campaigns by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), two star players on the 2019 presidential election seem to be running neck-to-neck but with differences on approaches.

The two leads, President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and former Vice President Atiku Abubabar had weekend given clear leads on their campaign plan and structure.

Whereas President Buhari considered the ‘Next Level’ as his 2019 campaign having sailed with ‘Change’ in 2015, Atiku, will today, digitally launch what he termed ‘My Plan to get Nigeria working again’ through an address to the Nigerian people on Facebook at 12 noon on Monday where he will launch his policy document.

Otherwise, on the first working day of the campaign, the PDP and its candidate, Atiku Abubakar will put forward his plan to get Nigeria working again.

In his address, the PDP presidential candidate will present his vision for Nigeria and his action plan to achieve it as encapsulated in his policy document. The document will promptly be uploaded on his website ( for all Nigerians to access at no cost.

In a statement made available to Business Hilights, the campaign organization averred that “The decision of Atiku Abubakar to kick-start his presidential campaign with the launch of his policy document is to reiterate his commitment to run an issue based campaign”.

“The intention is to take our policy directly to Nigerians and to register the belief of Atiku Abubakar that it will take the collective efforts of every Nigerian to rebuild the country. That is why we want Nigerians to access the policy directly and ultimately take ownership of it.

“Our campaign offers a simple message: united, the people of Nigeria can begin anew, creating a prosperous and secure future and a better life for every Nigerian.

The Atiku Presidential Campaign Organisation (APCO) explained further that “We have chosen to do this by having the PDP Presidential candidate speaking directly to the Nigerian people on Facebook. This medium came about as part of the telecommunications revolution that he helped start as Vice President in 1999-2007”.

“We have also chosen to have our candidate speak online as it facilitates the ability for anyone to download a copy of his policy document at no cost, as we intend this to be the policy of every Nigerian.

“Our policy document focuses on creating jobs, ensuring security, growing business, developing power and water infrastructure, agriculture and education and how we will empower women.

Our policies outline the goals and methods for developing and revitalising Nigeria as the foundation of our campaign.

“This policy document is being launched to encourage a dialogue with the people of Nigeria, inviting everyone to join us in helping to get Nigeria working again.

“The PDP presidential candidate looks forward to conducting vital discussions as he travels across the length and breadth of Nigeria, meeting and talking with stakeholders: famers, small business people, workers, students, mothers, and children.

APCO stressed that “We recognise that this will be a vigorous and hard fought election. We are completely confident that with peaceful, free and fair elections, we will be victorious”.