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At Spectranet 4G LTE, we’re guided by 4 key service resolutions— Awasthi

The chief executive officer of Spectranet 4G LTE, Mr. Ajay Awasthi, has rolled out four driving customer service retainership strategy, saying the company will continue to deliver high speed broadband connectivity.

In an interview, he revealed that lead in the 4-point agenda include internet availability, broadband affordability, quality service and innovations.

According to him, “There are 100 plus ISPs in Nigeria with only three or four of them active in the market. What is very important is 24/7, 365 days internet availability. That is where Spectranet is going to play very important role to ensure broadband availability. With broadband availability, you can start talking about critical services such as Internet of Things which demands ‘real time’ service delivery”.

“Secondly, affordability; you might have services, but how affordable are they? Again, Spectranet is going to provide to the market affordable and high quality service available to the masses.

Awasthi noted further that “Thirdly, we are providing quality service. You may have massive online courses, for instance, but without high speed internet you can’t access the accompanying videos. If you look at statistics 2/3 of the online courses happen on videos. I think the speed is very critical.

“We render secured and innovative services. Another big growth is happening in the realm of Fintech. We have seen a lot of payment gateways happening in this market.

He said a lot of people are subscribing to these online payment gateways, but when you are offering broadband services to these connectivity to them they need to be secured. This is where we are playing a very important role.

While stressing that one thing Spectranet had realized is that the customer needs to be at the center of everything, the managing director argued that “As far as any company’s strategy is concerned customer satisfaction will keep repeating. We are investing in class customer experience, especially for them to watch videos without buffering. It has to be consistent experience”.