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Ahead 2019: Is it that OBJ, Wike are kidding or their frame-up alarms real?

Earlier last week, the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo raised an alarm, saying there are clandestine plans by the federal authorities to frame him up using unfounded charges.

Similarly, weekend, the Rivers State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, also flashed same alarm, saying the Federal Government plans to implicate him in an arms deal ahead of the 2019 elections.

Speaking in Port Harcourt, Wike said the Federal Government had contacted a Lebanese who had been directed to claim that he received money from him (Rivers State Governor) to procure arms for the 2019 elections.

He placed his alarm side-by-side with a revelation that on the arrest of the orderly of Rivers State Special Anti-robbery Squad Commander, Akin Fakorede, and another SARs operative for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Explaining more on Sunday during a thanksgiving service in honour of the Chairman of the Rivers State Local Government Service Commission, Chief Azubuike Nmerukini, at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church, Port Harcourt, Wike averred that the APC Federal Government had entered a devious mode with the belief that framing opponents would enhance its political fortunes.

The Governor recalled that Nigerians initially thought he was playing politics until former President Olusegun Obasanjo revealed details of how the APC Federal Government planned to frame him.

According to him, “The Federal Government has arranged with a Lebanese to say that I told him to buy arms for the purpose of the forthcoming elections.

“I am not close to any Lebanese, let alone give money to anyone to buy arms for elections. We have dutifully served our people and we don’t need to purchase arms for elections.

“If elections are held 20,000 times, we will win because our projects have positively impacted the lives of our people.”

The governor stated that the Federal Government was also planning to sponsor crisis in Rivers State ahead of the 2019 elections.

Wike further observed that the aim was for elections in the state to be postponed, stressing that the overall target was to use security agencies for rigging purposes.

“They plan to cause so many crises in the state so that Rivers elections are held on a separate date. Their plot will fail. Rivers elections will hold same day with those of other states.

Speaking further, Wike alleged that most of the kidnappings and armed robberies in Rivers State were masterminded by SARS operatives under the leadership of Akin Fakorede.

The governor argued further that the arrest and detention of the SARS operatives proved their involvement in criminality against the people of the state.

Part of his claims at the Church service was that one Sergeant Ndubuisi Okoro, the police orderly of the Rivers State Commander of SARS, Akin Fakorede, had been arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping while another member of the Rivers State SARS Commander’s team, Sergeant Christopher Abakpa, was also arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Wike, who explained that he was alerting Nigerians because the Police high command would sweep the matter under the carpet, also alleged that the two SARS operatives were in a kidnap and armed robbery gang of eight persons, maintaining that the policemen had confessed to their crime.

However, Nigerians who reviewed the case scenarios expressed worry on why the federal government had not come out to either own up or deny any such plan to frame up any politically exposed person in the persons of the former president who had maintained his opposition to President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term bid, or Governor Wike’s allegations so far.