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Ahead 2019, Fani-Kayode writes off Buhari, says his legacy disastrous

As the build up to 2019 general elections grosses with alignments and realignments, political watchers are beginning to weigh options between a new presidential face or continuity of current administration.

In an interview with former Minister of Aviation, lawyer and public affairs analyst, Chief Femi Fani-Koyode, he averred that “Buhari’s legacy is disastrous. Under him, we have borrowed a lot of money, millions of Nigerians have lost their jobs, and industries and businesses are folding up”.

“He boasts of bringing us out of a recession yet he fails to mention the fact that he put us there in the first place. Food, transport, diesel, kerosene and electricity prices have sky-rocketed. Things have never been so bad in our country and millions of our people are not only suffering and living below the poverty line, they also lack the basic necessities of life.

Continuing, the former minister recalled that “Transparency International, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Monetary Fund have all spoken about the Buhari-led government. The United Nations has cautioned them. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, and the American Congress have spoken about the slaughter of Christians under their watch and have both said it must stop. That is where Buhari has taken us.

“Obasanjo and Jonathan were forward-thinking and under the two of them, the economy boomed, Nigerians flourished and people felt safe from political persecution. They were not tyrants and they were not sadists. You could oppose, criticise and insult them as much as you liked and nothing would happen to you because they respected the right of free speech and they did not take it personally.

“Sadly, Buhari is the opposite. Even his own party has been divided and destroyed by his deep intrigues. Many in the APC secretly despise him but they are not prepared to say so publicly out of fear.

“The truth is that Buhari has failed woefully and his is a legacy of blood, violence, hatred, division, corruption, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, genocide, carnage and slaughter. Under him, our country has been turned into a totalitarian fascist state where those that oppose the President are set up and all manner of criminal activities are fabricated against them. Even members of the President’s party that incur his displeasure are not safe. Look at what they are doing to people like Dr. Bukola Saraki and Dino Melaye. It is utterly shameful.

“The 12-point ultimatum given to President Muhammadu Buhari by the National Assembly is too little, too late. You do not warn a snake before you kill it. In any case, Buhari will not back down, he will disregard the ultimatum and he will move against the National Assembly leadership. He has committed many impeachable offences over the last three years. I urge the National Assembly to stop dragging their feet, to impeach him right away to save Nigeria!