There are strong indications that so many airport projects of the last administration were done without due diligence as in viability and profitability.

For instance, reports say the Ebonyi airport hasn’t received a single commercial flight four months since it was commissioned.

Findings show that almost all the Nigerian airlines have refused to fly to Ebonyi state because it is considered among the most unprofitable route in Nigeria

Now the big question is ; is that airport a worthwhile or worthless investment?

In his views, a public affairs commentator, Mr. Chudi Emehelu said “Development is a bottom up process.

According to him, “You start by pulling your people out of poverty by rehabilitation, shelter and education. When well-educated they can then get jobs that can make them afford airfares and you then have a reasonable pool of citizens who can afford airfares sustain such a venture.

“Our politicians with their naive followers think in the reverse direction, a state once with the 4th highest poverty rate in the federation, with the highest out of school population in the SE took loans to build a white elephant “international airport” and people are clapping!

Also commenting, Nat Nwali argued that “We kicked against it at the time but were termed enemy of progress, I didn’t consider it a priority project but Dave Umahi is an ambitious bloody criminal who only thinks of what to profit on,

“Though in term of project execution despite his thievery, it’s better he laid down the structures than squander them as most of his contemporaries,

“I wish the current Gov. Nwifuru will now concentrate on priority projects now while maintaining /nurturing these ones to fruition.

By Business Hilights

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