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Many Nigerians may not know Peter Obi very well


By Bishop Edwin

There are facts one cannot change about Obi which include;

1. He ran the most secure state in Nigeria during his tenure. Former IGP Abubarkar gave him 5 years of accolades of the most secured state back-to-back for 5 years.
2. The minister of works then gave him the best accolade of a governor that built 800km of road network in 8 years
3. Educationally, He met Anambra in the 26th position in 2006 and left it at 1st in 2014 when he was leaving.
4. He was the only governor that met the millennium development goal in Nigeria in both education and health. Milinda and bill gate foundation gave him a personal gift of 1 million dollars for his achievement. Which he dropped into the state account rather than putting it in his private account.
5. He is the only former governor today that does not collect a pension, gratuity, land gift and allowances since he left the govt in 2014.
6. When he became SEC chairman under President Jonathan, he told SEC to hold back all his allowance and entitlement as a Board chairman. He left without anything. He said he does not need them.
When he was chairman of fidelity bank, he was entitled to two brand-new cars annually. He told the board. I don’t need them. Let me just come for meetings and go home.
You can only be angry with him. You cannot change the facts.. so choose between moving forward and going backwards… If you can outline these facts for any other candidate, I will drop Obi today…

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