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(Special Report) Understanding Peter Obi’s campaign model

Peter Obi is an Igbo man and proudly so. He is not telling us to make him president because he is an Igbo man. He is going about articulating a clear vision and strategy that will change the sordid narrative of this country. That is how it should be!

While not denying his Igbo heritage, he is giving us convincing reasons why we should give him this job. Above all, he is not desperate. In fact, I believe it will be our loss if we miss him.

The Igbo presidency will come about by this sort of convincing narratives and not by threats and insults. The conversation around power shifting to the South and especially the South east has so far dominated conversations around the 2023 election to the detriment of the real issues. Some aspirants without any clear understanding of issues are hiding behind this agitation to push for relevance. While this agitation is germane, aspirants should take a cue from Peter Obi and tell us what they intend to do, even as the power-shift conversation is continued by other people.

Nigeria can be likened to a man who intends to fill a basin with water. However, this man is fetching water from the river with a bucket with 5 large holes. No matter how he walks or runs fast, the water will be lost before he gets to the basin. While others are telling us that they can use that massively leaky bucket to fill the basin by running faster, Peter Obi is telling us that we first have to change that leaky bucket or mend it, to stand a chance of filling that basin with water.

As far as I am concerned, the proposition to either change the leaky bucket or mend it makes more sense than those who are saying that they want to run faster with the same leaky bucket. Issues and how to solve them should be what any aspirant should be talking about at this stage. They should convince us why they are best for the job and not latch on to any power shift conversation as their main reason.

Peter Obi has to also try his best to get his party’s nomination. That is his own role in this journey. Many Nigerians who support him will only be able to vote for him if or when he clinches his party’s nomination. Until then, we can only hope and wait.

*PETER OBI FOR PRESIDENT 2023 Official Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Nigeria Peter Obi Presidential Movement

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