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(Special Report): How Minister voided EO5, gave out $.6m Nigeria Air logo design to Bahraini firm

Buhari yet to react in view of the spirit of EO5
Since the abrupt suspension of Nigeria Air project made public by the architect and Minister of State for Aviation, Capt. Hadi Sirika on Wednesday, more revelations are beginning to emerge on infractions that trailed the entire shrouded process including violation of the Presidential Executive Order 5 (EO5).
It would be recalled that the Sirika has at the July 18th Farnborough Air Show in England, unveiled the name and logo of the national carrier with fanfare even though there is nothing on ground to show seriousness in the first place.
No doubt, EO5 came in force in July when the idea of conjuring Nigeria Air had not emerged in the first instance.
Again, there was no time the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) advertised for the contract of designing logo for Nigeria Air, meaning that the spirit of the EO5 which centres on domestication or sourcing for local alternative before going abroad.
Investigations by Business Hilights Intelligence Unit (BHIU) disclosed critical details of the company as follows;
FROM6 Communication Management:-
Pennie Nixon – Managing Director/ Founding Partner.
Steve Doleman – Founding Partner.
Adnan Alarrayed – Partner.
Julia Rushton – Client Servicing Director.
Samer Jamus – Director In Charge.
Chris Bell – Associate Creative Director.
Sarah Mcdonald – Digital Director.
Tom Romanski – Brand Director.
Susan Stevenson – Brand Engagement Director.

Classic Tower, 4th Floor, Offices 41/42. Building 869, Seef District,
Kingdom of Bahrain.

PO Box 324, Madinate Al Sultan, Qaboos, Oman.

The Executive Order No. 5 is meant to promote patriotism, love of country and economic nationalism as potent tools for a new social engineering of our dear country. It will certainly trigger a silent revolution in how we think as a people and how we regard science and technology as the missing link in our quest to become a truly great nation
The Executive Order No. 5 is made up of 18 sections covering various headings: Preferences; Accreditation; Contract Award; Language of Contract; Capacity Development; Disqualification from Contract Award; Database of Experts in Nigeria; Expatriate Quota; Local Material; Tax Incentives; Punishment for violation of Executive Order; Presidential Monitoring and Evaluation Council; Member of the Council; Review of Order; Miscellaneous; Application; Definitions of Terms; Effective Date of the Order.
According to the federal government, “Punishment for violation of Executive Order 5 shall be as stipulated by the Public Service Rules and relevant laws governing Public Procurement and Professional Practice”.
The federal government is yet to begin any move that will suggest invoking the relevant laws on abuse of local content in

Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

Besides, the Bahraini firm, FROM6 Communication has no Nigerian arm and therefore entirely foreign without any local affiliate.
In an emotion laden presentation in July, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu explained much on the imports of EO5, saying “The executive order enjoins procuring entities to give preference to Nigerian companies and firms when awarding contracts, in line with the Public Procurement Act, 2007.
“Hence Nigerian companies and indigenous firms have the opportunity more than ever before to participate in national development through the award of contracts and also to serve as consultants. The age of a firm will not be important, so long as it is legally registered and possesses requisite qualification, competence and experience in the management and execution of such contracts.
Continuing, he averred that “The federal government will henceforth place premium on the use of indigenous professionals and firms in the design and execution of projects involving national security. Foreign experts will only be engaged on condition that such expertise is not available in Nigeria. Even when they are engaged, Nigerian professionals would be attached to understudy them. Also all MDAs are to take steps to encourage indigenous professionals in the Diaspora to return home and use their expertise to develop Nigeria.
“Based on this, the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, shall establish centres for acquisition of technology in the six geopolitical zones of the country. This will be used for the promotion of technology utilization, strengthening of technology management capability and information system.
“A Presidential Monitoring Evaluation Council with Mr. President as the chairman will oversee the general implementation of the executive order. The secretariat will be domiciled in the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.
The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology will do its utmost to ensure that both the letter and spirit of the Executive Order No. 5 are fully implemented. It is important to always remember that implementation of the executive order, will create wealth, reduce poverty and provide employment for our teaming youths. Once this executive order is fully implemented, Nigeria will never be the same again. The rise of Nigeria to greatness and the happiness of Nigerians will be guaranteed.
“Never again will Nigeria continue to import from other countries, many of her needs. Never again will Nigeria continue to employ foreign experts, to do work that Nigerians can do. Never again will Nigeria continue to use foreign companies and firms to execute important projects, without having Nigerians to understudy them. Never again will Nigeria not be able to feed herself. Never again will Nigeria continue to export crude oil and import refined petroleum products. Never again will Nigeria continue to export wood, only to import toothpicks. Never again will Nigeria with cash in her hands, look for essential equipment for her military, yet not having a single country willing to sell.

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