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TD’s experience, wide resellers’ audience considered by Vertiv in new deal—Piorko

The Director, Sales Middle East and Africa for Vertiv, Mr. Wojtek Piorko has given clearer insights on why his company sealed new partnership agreement with Technology Distributions (TD), Nigeria and Africa’s leading device marketing company.

In an interview, he explained that “We are empowering our local partners and we’ll work with them to grow the business, especially because in channel business we need experienced partners with wide audience of resellers and that is why we have chosen Technology Distributions Limited; they are our IT channel distributor and the largest in Nigeria and we work with them not only in Nigeria, but in other countries of the region.

According to him, “The beauty of this cooperation is that they have a wide reach of the market, we have great products and we communicate very well and understand each other very well.

He noted that “We’ve been in the Nigerian market for the past 20 years, so we’re not completely new, though Vertiv brand is a bit new to the market, but all critical product lines that we offer in the Nigerian market, the UPS, DC power for telecom etc. These are some of the core brands that we’re bringing to the Nigerian market. Now as Vertiv we have completely new opening, new team and new structure that is dedicated for this specific market.

Continuing, Vertiv Director disclosed that rising Nigeria’s internet subscriber base and projected phone user by 2020 are strong encouraging factor why they are in Nigeria, saying “We decided to redesign our regional structure which used to be North Africa and Central Africa; part of Central Africa was Nigeria and now we’ve created one big region (North West Africa) in which Nigeria is one of the key important countries, which is why our team is designed in such a way that we have a country manager responsible for Nigeria only and our product, service and support team is also based in Nigeria, so we give priority to our business in Nigeria”.

“We picked Nigerian market very specifically and we focused on the market. We like to understand the local environment in which we work, that’s why we appoint our distributors and operators because they understand and have the knowledge on how to operate in this market. We do not necessarily have to directly go to our end users because we need our distributors and partners to work with us.

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