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Nigeria going in wrong direction, CLEEN Foundation survey reveals

A survey anchored by CLEEN Foundation, Practical Sampling International and Afrobarometer, has shown that “For Majority of Nigerians, standard of living has moved from bad to worse in the last three years”.

Otherwise, the report averred that public perception of Nigerian citizens on economic conditions, access to public services and government performance indicate that 60 percent of Nigerians believed that the country is going the wrong direction.

The report further noted that about half of Nigerians went without enough food, medical care, cooking fuel or water, at least once during the previous year, adding that more than 75 per cent of the population went without cash income at least once.

Key discoveries include that Nigerians who tried to access certain public services, found that it was difficult, took a long time, and required the payment of a bribe to obtain certain services.

CLEEN Foundation report also agreed that “On anti-corruption fight, government was favourably rated for its performance in fighting corruption, showing it has done fairly well or very well compared to management of the economy which stood at 33 percent”.

However, the report posited that upon government efforts to combat corruption, citizens’ responses indicated that access to basic public service remain riddled with bribery, survey revealed. Also the survey revealed that 48 percent say the country’s economic condition is worse or much worse compared to a year ago but overwhelming majority of 82 percent are optimistic that things would get better or much better in 12 months.

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